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Ellovi Vanilla Body Butter

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First Impressions

Have you ever covered your body in Crisco? Of course not, because unless you’re acting out some 50 Shades scenario (in that case no judgement) why would you? Before I learned to love this product (I’ll admit there was a bit of a learning curve) that’s what using this body butter felt like. I was ready to toss this one into the “never again” pile, but obviously wanting to give it a fair shot and write an accurate review, kept using it. Good thing, because I have been converted. Unlike lotion that you have to spend forever rubbing in (not ideal for the lazy), it melts right into the skin immediately and makes it look supple and glowy. For someone without dry skin it’s pretty crazy how quickly my skin soaked it up and how much better it looked.

I’m not usually one to shy away from chemical filled products- I’ll use anything that works, whatever means necessary- but I actually kind of love that I’m not slathering gross fillers and fake ingredients all over my body. It only has 6 super clean ingredients (Macadamia, coconut, and Marula oils, vanilla, shea butter and corn starch) and it is never tested on animals.

The glass jar it comes in feels high quality and expensive, so that’s a win. Another bonus: It also works as a makeup remover (!) Perfect for when you’re in a pinch or want your face to smell like vanilla white chocolate frosting (um, always?) The formula is really concentrated so while a bit pricey, the jar will last forever.

With all this goodness, there is a downside that almost made me consider this one a tosser before I gave it a second try. Holy greasiness. Your hands get super greasy when putting it on, which dissuaded a few testers from even wanting to come near it. I was testing it at the office and the experience of trying to make phone calls, type, and write notes was both messy and hilarious. Moral of the story: wash your hands after application and you’ll be fine.

What We Love

  • Incredibly hydrating
  • Smells like a vanilla cupcake
  • Makes skin supple and glowy
  • Concentrated formula lasts forever
  • All natural , no chemicals
  • Not tested on animals, vegan safe

Not So Much

  • Makes hands temporarily greasy (don't touch your phone right after!)


A vanilla scented body butter that can go on a little greasy, but the supple and crazy soft skin it creates is worth it.

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