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Eco Tools Pure Complexion Facial Sponge - Deep Cleansing

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First Impressions

As I ease further into my thirty-dirties (get it?!) the thirst for baby-like skin grows stronger. For that reason my skincare regimen includes several can’t miss steps. Abscent from the routine was an exfoliator, arguably one of the more important steps. I’ve been patiently inspecting several options on the market. Exfoliators can be pretty pricey and, with $200 or more on the line to start, the results would have to be pretty impressive. That’s why, at $7 a pop, I had high hopes but definite reservation for Eco Tools’ Pure Complexion Facial Sponge.

Thanks to a collective fascination with Asian skincare, “konjac sponge” and “charcoal” were the buzzword’s of 2014. Derived from the fibers of the Konjac plant, these sponges are rich in all kinds of skin replenishing properties like vitamins ACE and fatty acids. Bamboo charcoal powder is filled with carbon, potassium and other minerals that are ideal for drawing out toxins and impurities. Combined they work to absorb excess oil, sebum and dirt lying within the pores. Eco Tools has long since been an authority on eco-friendly beauty and green skin care so naturally (HA!) they’d get in on the trend and add this to their lineup.

Dry the sponge has a gritty, almost stone-like texture (not suitable for use) but wet it transforms into a slick, rubbery puff. The water creates a cooling barrier that feels oddly squishy, perhaps even a little slimy, but nice. At night I’d add a drop or two of my favorite facial cleanser to the wet sponge, squeeze until a thick lather built up, then sail off to exfoliating heaven. On the mornings following a heavy makeup day I’d exfoliate again sans the cleanser. You wouldn’t dare do this with your fancier electronic models as it could be far too harsh, but this isn’t the slightest bit abrasive so daily use is A-OK. Anyone with acne prone or sensitive skin will particularly appreciate its gentle touch.

After four weeks I’m seeing fairly good results. My skin does feel dryer than usual but it’s also softer to the touch and a tad more radiant. I’ve seen a noticeable reduction in oil build up along my t-zone which is brilliant. Translation: I don’t have to rely as heavily on my Smashbox Photo Finish Primer to keep the shininess at bay. As a bonus my hub asked, entirely at random, what I’d been up to because my skin was looking brighter and smoother. YES!! Side note: I caught him using my sponge a few times - uh, ew - so I got him his own. You know it’s good when the man jumps in on the skincare bandwagon.

My only complaint is that the sponge didn’t completely dry inbetween uses which can lead to bacteria growth. As a test I kept it sitting in open air on my table while at work only to find that it was still slightly damp. That’s a little curious.

So, is it life changing? Nope. But, it’s a solid product with surprisingly good results and a pocket friendly price point. Worth the small investment I’d say.

What We Love

  • Non abrasive
  • Very affordable. I mean, $7 people!
  • Gentle enough for day and nighttime use
  • Minimizes the appearance of pores
  • Leave a smooth lustre on the skin for a more youthful look
  • Made from sustainable, eco-friendly material.
  • Good for people with oily, sensitive or acne prone skin.

Not So Much

  • Takes a while to dry which may cause bacteria to develop


Gentle exfoliating sponge that softens when wet. When combined with your favorite cleanser it's surprisingly effective at removing residual makeup and oil left behind. Perfect for those with sensitive skin and very economical.

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