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Dr. Spiller Cleansing Milk with Cucumber Extract

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First Impressions

I’ve used the same 2-3 cleansers for years so trying something new does bare hesitation. Though, after reading reviews about Dr. Spiller organic skincare products I was anxious to try their Cleansing Milk with Cucumber Extract. First a little bit about my combination skin.

To start it’s very oily in some parts, particularly on the forehead and eyelids. I’m constantly blotting throughout the day trying to tame the shine, and warm weather just makes it worse. In contrast, the skin around my jawline, beneath my cheeks, and around the mouth are dry. Odd, I know!

Pigmentation is less of a concern but there is some not-so-appreciated discoloration around the chin, outer/inner corners of my eyes, and on my neck. No major issues otherwise, such as sensitivity, blotchy redness or allergies.

Dr. Spiller’s Cleansing Milk is a brightening cream-based cleanser for all skin types, enhanced with cucumber extract for scent and hydration. The cucumber extract gives a lovely, sweet smell that reminds me of one of my favorite candles. The cooling formula leaves an almost tingly feeling that’s refreshing for a morning wash. One pump of product is all you’ll need to coat your entire face, decollete and neck.

I’m more accustomed to foam cleansers and was taken back by how the Cleansing Milk clung to my skin. Keep the warm water flowing. You’ll need it to get this off. The lower half of my face felt tight and drier than usual after a week of daily use, plus there was no brightening to speak of.

While it’s a great product for morning use or on a cosmetic-free face, it’s needs a little help for makeup removal. A faint layer of foundation was leftover after each wash, even with light coverage. For the best results consider doubling up with some makeup wipes or your favorite lathering cleanser.

What We Love

  • Cool, creamy texture feels great
  • Lovely cucumber scent
  • Suitable for people with combination skin
  • One pump is all you need so the product stretches a long way

Not So Much

  • Does not fully remove makeup
  • Difficult to find and cannot be purchased directly through the brand's website
  • May leave skin feeling tight
  • A bit pricey


Cream based cleanser, enhanced with cucumber extract for scent and hydration, suited to all skin types.

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