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Chella Heated Lash Curler

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First Impressions

If you read my review about glo minerals Lash Lengthening Mascara, you already understand my obsession with all-things-lashes and I won’t waste the precious time you could be spending curling yours going over that again. Let’s just say it’s an “I love lashes as much as Kanye loves Kanye” situation. Anyways, the Chella Heated Lash curler…

At first glance, I loved the compact design compared to traditional lash curlers. I removed the cap, switched it on and waited the 20 seconds for it to heat up (con #1- time consuming).

I was a bit nervous about the potential of burning my sensitive eye area and the lusciously long lashes me and my friends Latisse and castor oil have worked so hard to achieve, but after testing the heat on my finger, I realized this wasn’t nearly hot enough to burn. So like the beauty editor I am, I didn’t read the directions and just assumed I knew what I was doing. I put the heated head up to the base of my bare lashes and held it there. The head wasn’t big enough or shaped well enough to do all of my lashes at once (con #1 again, with the time consuming), so I had to move it around and curl them in sections. I did this to both eyes, and initially saw a huge difference. I applied mascara and went on with my day, but noticed how quickly they fell.

After doing this on at least 3 separate occasions, I finally decided to read the directions where I noticed the proper way to use this took is tool is to curl your lashes after you’ve applied mascara and it’s completely dry. This definitely made a difference in its outcome, however the curl still didn’t seem to last all day.

Which brings me to my final opinion: I love the compact design, and the fact that unlike traditional mascara curlers, this doesn’t pull or tug at your lashes. However for the amount of time it takes waiting for it to heat up, then having to curl your lashes in sections, the added steps to my beauty routine just didn’t seem worth it in the end when the curl didn’t seem to last any longer than a traditional eyelash curler.

What We Love

  • Curls Lashes
  • Gentle on Lashes
  • Compact Design

Not So Much

  • Very Time Consuming Process
  • Curl Doesn't Last Any Longer Than Traditional Lash Curlers


This heated eye lash curler might be gentle on the lashes, but its time consuming process and lack of lasting power doesn’t make it worth ditching your traditional curler for.

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