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Bésame Vanilla Brightening Powder

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First Impressions

The Bésame Vanilla Brightening Powder. In case you aren’t familiar with the brand, Bésame rhymes with TRESemmé, and if you’re anything like me, now every time I say Bésame in this review, you’re going to steal TRESemmé’s commcerial song and sing “Bésame, Bésame, ooh la la!” in your head, like I’ve been obsessively doing since I started using this product. Anyways…

Upon first glance, this product has a very old school vibe, which is intended, as Los Angeles-based Bésame has been making vintage-inspired makeup since 2004, and is known for their true-to-life reproductions of classic beauty aids from the 1920s–1950s (think old school packaging but modern day formulas). It took me awhile to figure out how to get the powder, out, but once I realized there was a plastic cover that stays over the holes to prevent messes and wasting product (genius), out sprinkled a sweet smelling, soft, slightly yellowed toned powder. And here’s what I thought:

-The scent was a subtle, warm, vanilla. My face smelled like a cupcake that boys would want to eat. #Winning

-The slight yellow tint to the powder is supposed to help control redness, which it did, but don’t count on it doing so alone without foundation.

-The texture is soft, and blends fairly easily. It contains Vitamin C, squalane, and lecithin to soothe and hydrate.

-As far as its brightening properties, this powder does help brighten, but not in a highlighter sort of way. I found it helpful to set my under eye concealer and brighten that area, but again, if used alone, it won’t be enough.

-TIP: When using this product, I mostly preferred applying with my own brush (tap product into the lid, dip brush in that), especially when setting under eye concealer, which got rather cake-y with the puff. But the puff is perfect for on-the-go touchups of your t-zone!

All in all, for someone who doesn’t typically enjoy using powder because I have dry skin, I found this product rather useful, especially during the hotter, more humid months. It set my concealer & brightened my under-eye area, and was perfect for controlling oil and brightening my t-zone. It had me like Bésame, Bésame, ooh la la!

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What We Love

  • Warm Vanilla Scent
  • Reduces Redness & Shine
  • Brightens

Not So Much

  • Be Careful Not To Cake On. Use A Brush Instead of Puff Provided For Lighter Application.


Looking to control oil and redness, brighten, and make your face smell like a warm vanilla cupcake that your man will want to eat? Then Bésame’s Vanilla Brightening Powder is for you.

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