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Bésame Rose Sweetheart Glaze

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First Impressions

After loving Bésame’s Vanilla Brightening Powder, and as a sucker for anything with rose in it, I was eager to try Bésame’s Rose Sweetheart Glaze. So eager, I may have set myself up for disappointment. But, well, you’ll see.

Upon first glance…I carefully opened up the small, vintage-decorated box, and gasped aloud when a pinkish-purple iridescent gloss fell out- not a pink gloss, like shown on their website. What?! Iridescence has always irked me when it comes to anything beauty or fashion related. But once I got over that, I was able to notice the old-world, pretty packaging, namely a gold wand decorated with flowers.

Upon first swipe of the gloss, I was pleased to find that the iridescent hue wasn’t pigmented enough to really show on the lips- phew! And I found it to be the perfect consistency- not too runny, not overly sticky, but just enough that you know it’s going to stay on for awhile without your entire ponytail getting stuck in it.

Their site says the gloss is sweetened with natural fruit and candy flavors…I didn’t taste a darn thing, and trust me, I licked it just to make sure. (Go ahead, judge me, but there are no lengths we beauty editors won’t go for our readers!) There was no taste, and hardly even a scent. It was just…gloss, which might be appealing to some, but to me it felt rather boring.

Their site also boasts vitamin E in their formula, to restore suppleness and reduce flakiness. And while my lips did feel protected with the gloss on, it never felt particularly nourishing or moisturizing.

If you haven’t already noticed, I wasn’t thrilled with this gloss. Performance wise, it held up well -great consistency, long lasting- but there just wasn’t anything extra that made me love it- no scent, no taste, no color. And considering the Sweetheart Glaze sets you back $20, there are definitely cheaper glosses on the market that deliver the same thing.

Sorry Sweetheart, we just weren’t meant to be.

What We Love

  • Great Consistency: Not too runny, or too thick.
  • Long Lasting

Not So Much

  • No Special Features
  • Misleading Marketing: No Sweet Taste, Different Color Than Pictured, Not Particularly Nourishing or Conditioning
  • Pricey, Considering.


Bésame’s Rose Sweetheart Glaze is the perfect consistency and rather long-lasting, but its features dwindle from there. Your money would be better spent on a cheaper gloss with the same performance.

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