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Besame 1940 Cream Mascara

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First Impressions

After last week’s serious mascara win I was hoping to find another unexpected winner, but sadly it was not meant to be. This was a tough one, guys. Let me start by explaining this product, because this is not your average run of the mill mascara. Props for creativity and letting me pretend I’m a bathtub-gin drinking flapper, though.

Besame’s 1940 Cream Mascara is vintage inspired and straight up out of the 40’s. The actual mascara comes in a squeeze tube with a separate (larger than average) mascara brush. Much like I imagine a flapper would do, you squeeze out the mascara onto the brush and go from there.

The first time I tried this it went south within seconds. Apparently you only need a tiny bit, not 4 huge globs. I like serious lashes, ok? It was a mess. It was really hard (impossible) not to get mascara all over my upper lids, which, normally not a big deal, but this stuff has serious staying power…it would NOT come off. I couldn’t get it all the way off and walked around work the rest of the day like that and definitely felt some serious office-wide judgement.

On top of all that my lashes looked neither long nor volumized and were slightly stuck together. Wah wahh. The formula is really wet and takes forever to dry. Some might like this since it makes layering a bit easier (in theory), but it just meant that it took me longer to get out the door in the morning (hint: that’s not good).

The second try fared slightly better after the disastrous maiden voyage. I squeezed only a tiny drop onto the brush and got to work. Honestly, the results were still kind of meh. My lashes didn’t look terrible per say, but they weren’t as long, separated or voluminous as I like. My lash game was average at best. I used one of my favorite cheapo mascaras on my other eye for contrast and that one looked much better. I guess you can’t win ‘em all.

What We Love

  • Paraben-free, cruelty-free, gluten-free and made in the U.S.A. ('Merica!)
  • Very concentrated and will probably last forever
  • Cute idea in theory, points for being outside the box

Not So Much

  • Wet formula (some might like this, but not for me)
  • Smudges on upper lids and is really hard to get off
  • The extra step of squirting just the right amount of mascara on the wand is a hassle
  • Messy
  • End results not worth it


A 40’s style cream mascara that provides average results with more than average effort.

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