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Annabelle Blushon Blush: Spring 2015 Collection

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First Impressions

Annabelle Cosmetics has been a staple in Canadian drugstores since launching in 1967. I haven’t seen these in the states so when their spring 2015 Blushon Blush collection landed on my desk I figured why not? I’m not ashamed to say I love me some drugstore products, like Maybelline’s Baby Lips balms, and was curious if Annabelle truly deserved to be touted as the “house of color”.

The powder formula is easily blendable, lightweight and lovely. Mineral oil is added to their finely milled powder leaving a velvety, smooth finish. A single swipe of the pan picked up enough product to add a sheer layer of color for a nice daily glow. A few extra dabs and I could easily build up the coverage to a stronger color.

Of the five new shades I tried Peony, Hibiscus and Rosebud and all in all the color payoff is strong! Rosebud is a classic pink with very minimal shimmer. I tend to shy away from bright pinks in place of deeper hues to compliment my darker skin, but this is a pretty shade. Peony is slightly more metallic than Rosebud, but blends out to a soft pink-coral hue. It’s a decent compromise for someone who finds true pinks too drastic. Hibsicus is every bit of coral that you could hope for with a bold orange undertone…and not surprisingly my favorite. It’s the most shimmery of the three and added warmth to my cheeks. If I had to pick one, though I’m dangerously close to saying a few is worth the investment, Peony would be my choice for great medium-layerable pigmentation to suit any skin tone.

It’s common for powders to feel slightly drying and dust-off as the day wears on. Since 8 hours in the office wouldn’t necessarily give the best review I put it to the test over the weekend. Blushon lasted through one outdoor graduation ceremony, a celebratory brunch at the park, and a bunch of errands before the color began to dull. Not bad! On less eventful days I’m sure it could go the distance.

Overall this is a legit drugstore product with a smooth application and good quality. If you find them, grab a few shades. You won’t be disappointed.

What We Love

  • Inexpensive
  • Long-lasting: 5-6 hours before touchups
  • Finely milled for easy blending
  • Quality pigmentation
  • Easily buildable for more color depth

Not So Much

  • Case is large enough to have included mirror.
  • No matte options


Finely milled, powder blush ranging from corals to pinks. Lightweight texture, color payoff and wearability is comparable to expensive brands. Worth having for daily use.

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