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1000 Hour Lashes

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First Impressions

Lashes, lashes and more lashes ladies! I love falsies and am always looking for the perfect pair to give me the fullness and length I desire. This week I had the chance to try out some gorgeous 1000 Hour lashes. I was given two styles, Black Vogue and Exotic Raven. The Black Vogue lashes are designed for a slightly dramatic style. They start thick from the inside and spans out with a thin lash look. I do like this style because of its fullness. Now, the Exotic Raven lashes are great for a natural daytime look. These lashes aren’t as full as I normally like though. I didn’t really notice any difference between my own lashes or the Exotic Raven style, except that they did provide me with a little more length. I don’t know about you but when I put on falsies, my goal is to see a difference in my lashes. I want to see the fullness, the volume the enhancement! All without looking like I belong in a circus… So out of the two I would choose Black Vogue.

Now another deciding factor for me in this lash business is the FEEL. I don’t want to FEEL like my eyelids are being weighed down. So I generally go with lashes that have a thinner lash band than these. The lash band is quite thick, so applying the eyelash adhesive (which by the way also comes with the lashes!) was quick and painless for me to do. But because of the thickness, I did feel the weight of the lashes, and as I mentioned earlier, I am not a big fan of this.

I will say that I had absolutely no problem with these lashes lifting or coming off and they lasted all day! 1000 Hour lashes are a great quality at a relatively affordable price. You can re-use these multiple times which is a PLUS! Just make sure you clean the glue off the lashes after each use and store them in an eyelash container to protect from wear and tear.

Styles Tested
Black Vogue – Slightly dramatic, full, and great for night life / special occasions.
Exotic Raven – Lengthy, Natural and could be worn for an everyday look.

What We Love

  • Adheres well / lasts all day
  • Affordable
  • Reusable
  • Hypo – Allergenic adhesive

Not So Much

  • Thick Lash Band


1000 Hour lashes are great if you are looking for an easy application. They provide a variety of style so you can choose which look works best for you.

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