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Prevent the Cold and Flu till the end of Winter

The end of winter is near and you have miraculously avoided the flu this season, unscathed. Clearly this means you are doing something right! But with some states experiencing their coldest winter months this January and February, make sure to read up on how to prevent the cold and flu as the weather patterns shift and germs spread.

Start with Beauty Sleep
Your immune system needs rest. sleep more Those who sleep less produce less virus-fighting cells. So drink some chamomile tea and get yourself into bed the earlier, the better.

Wash those hands!
Germs are everywhere. Although the holiday shopping lines and abundance of people out & about is calming down, this doesn’t mean a nasty flu virus is not. Carry with you hand sanitizer and lather up with antibacterial soap.

Shower in Waves
Many of us especially in the chilly winter months enjoy a warm if not hot shower. shower But like our bodies during the day or at night, we adjust to the change in temperature. Therefore, while taking a shower start with warm water and gently shift to luke-warm if not cold for a few seconds in between rinsing your hair or using your favorite shampoo.  Your body will adjust and be able to handle the shift in temperature with ease.

Move your body
It’s no wonder after New Year’s we decide to start our resolutions. In fact, it keep us healthy even more so during the colder months. Moving 30 minutes a day will help with your bodies circulation. However, too much exercise can cause exhaustion or stress. So small increments daily and weekly will help keep you active, healthy and hopefully, flu-free.

Get the Shot

Flu vaccinations are everywhere from your local pharmacy to large convenient stores. They are priced reasonably and will reduce your risk of influenza.

Avoid sharing utensils, glassware and drinks
This often goes unsaid. But with germs out and about, make sure to not share your silverware or soda pop. You will thank us later!

Clean, Clean, Clean!
It might not be time for spring cleaning just yet, but disinfecting your house especially kitchens and bathrooms is a must. Whether you live alone or have children, make sure to at least wipe down or disinfect the most common areas in your home daily.



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