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Prepare your Home for Holiday Guests

It’s November. This means Thanksgiving, Black Friday, birthdays, work and school events and oh, that little day called CHRISTMAS just six weeks away.

Where to begin? Don’t feel astray. Here is a handy checklist to organize your schedule, calendar and living room because Santa isn’t the only one coming  to vis

1. Focus on your family room and kitchen the most. Create an open inviting environment with plenty of seating. Add a colorful blend of flowers or plants to warm up any open gaps.







2. Create a universal Holiday centerpiece with warm burgundy, evergreen, deep sepia and orange tones with hints of gold or silver for a sparkle. Place in the middle of your dining room or main walkway.

Jonathan Adler Candles, Destination Collection

3. Add dim candlelight for a softer ambiance. Place in guest rooms as well to use less electricity and a soft scent.

4. Purchase comfortable throw pillows for your couch. Plush, suede and polyester will be inviting for children and grandparents alike to lay on during game night or to lean on during conversation.

5. Place travel-size toiletries in the bathrooms for the guest and always have hand and bath towels available so your guest feel comfortable without asking to “borrow” an item or peak through your drawers.

6. Place colorful or printed throws on your family room couches or living room sofa. This adds a personal comfort and will be nice for those who are in cold weather or just want to lay down after a day of visiting or vacationing.

Hotel Collection Blanket, Ombre Throw Bedding from

7. Add games underneath your main room or game room table so children can easily be preoccupied while not keeping the television on 24/7.

8. Sweep or rake the outside backyard or patio, add a string of lights for a holiday vibe. Invite your guests outside for warm hot cocoa or tea in the evening to chat or relax.

9. Plan a movie night with old Holiday classics or favorites- purchase easy treats like S’mores or snap & bake cookies so you can “treat” your guests in as little as 10 minutes.

10. Stock your kitchen with apples,  nuts, crackers or trail mix. You can make your own recipe of trail mix or mixed nuts even. Having healthy easily accessible and affordable snacks is comforting and will not require you to find something to prepare throughout the day.


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