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Prepare for Your Winter Workout Outdoors

A very important part of our lives is to keep ourselves in shape and healthy which is a part of improving both mental and physical health. Sometimes there is literally nothing better for a bad mood than a good endorphin rush. With winter among us, getting the urge  to go out into the cold weather can make you second guess yourself. It is important to prepare yourself before heading out to ensure a safe, enjoyable run.


To keep your body heat in and the cold air out you must wear many layers. The layer in which is closest to your skin must be lightweight and made with a synthetic material that will prevent you sweating. Try not to wear cotton against your skin as it will absorb and hold onto your body-like sweat, increasing the likelihood of hypothermia. Cover the bottom layer with fleece or wool to insulate your body, and then move up with a light, water and wind resistant jacket/coat.


Be sure to stay hydrated with lots of water. It is rather difficult to recognize dehydration when you are dealing with old weather exertion. Drinking lots of fluids before, after and during the exercise can ensure hydration. To maintain your fluid balance in your body is one of the main ways to keep your core temperature up.

Cover Up!

Always always always keep your head and hands covered, this can be painful, even! When your head is exposed to the cold air you lose as much as an unbelievable 50% of your body temperature. To keep your head covered it’s normally said to be ‘keeping me warm enough’. Protect your fingers from frostbite by wearing gloves because this is the last thing you need for such a simple way to prevent it. By laying mitten over your gloves you can insulate and retain heat. Then, also, if you need to remove a layer you won’t be exposing your skin to the cold air.

Be Safe:

One important thing to do is to always make someone aware that you are going out, especially if at night. By doing this you will feel safe because you never know when an accident may happen for, example slipping on thin ice, therefore keeping people alert at all times.


Try and look at the weather forecast before going out and exercising. Experts have said that there isn’t really any danger of exercising at temperatures as low as 20 degrees, as long as the weather is with you. If you feel that the weather is too cold, don’t do it and exercise indoors. Exercising can do more harm than help if the temperature dips below zeo, especially if the wind is chilly.


Finally, always check with a doctor before you exert too much energy out in the cold. Some illnesses are increased from dropping temperatures such as asthma, heart disease, and Reynaud’s disease. See if exercising outdoors is still recommended and if there are any additional precautions that should be taken to protect your health.

This article has been written by Sean Alder the website editor of

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