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Pomegranate Fizz Cocktail


It’s mid-holiday season!  A lot of traditions are associated with the wonderful month of December, and one of the best parts are the family get-togethers. Families come in all shapes and sizes, and let’s be honest, some of those shapes are the kind that require a little bit of alcohol to handle.

Whether it be that having drinks with family results in a great night had by all, or that an extra glass of wine eases your time with the in-laws or crazy Uncle George, alcohol can come in handy this season.

Between meal planning and gift wrapping, the last thing you want is to create more work for yourself (or to spend more money), so if you’re having a big group over for a meal, its fun to have a signature cocktail ready along with the standard beer and wine. It saves you the trouble of feeling like you have to stock your bar with an option for everyone.

What that being said, let’s talk wine spritzers.  The best part about a spritzer is that you can make it as strong or as weak as you want.  Mostly wine with a dash of club soda?  Juice, club soda and a dash of wine? This particular drink gets its fizz from sparkling wine, and its flavor from pomegranate juice.  A squeeze of lime juice makes it the perfect cocktail for any holiday party.  This drink has a 3:2 ratio of sparkling wine to juice.  It also has a rich, beautiful holiday color which will impress your guests.


Pomegranate Fizz Recipe


3 parts sparkling wine

2 parts pomegranate juice

Juice of half a lime



1.Pour the sparkling wine, and slice the limes.

2.Add the pomegranate and lime juice

3.Garnish with lime slice.




Editor: Nicole Walker


Posted in: FoodRecipes

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