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How to Achieve Naturally Plump Lips, For Real this Time

What woman doesn’t want plumper, fuller lips? Even the gals with the puffiest of pouts seem to want just a little more puff. But at what price?

You could try a plumping gloss, though the results usually seem to be minimal and often come with an uncomfortable stinging side effect- not something you want to pass on to your date.

Another option? Expensive, temporary, and potentially dangerous fillers. Not to mention, you don’t have full control over how they turn out, meaning you could end up with Lisa Rinna fish lips- yikes!

We don’t know about you but neither of those options are appealing…which is why we flipped after discovering these new tools that are 100% safe and natural. We’re all about plumping lips naturally.

Both tools use the power of suction to stimulate collagen and fluid to the lips, and last longer than lip glosses but not as long as injections. In other words, you have to do this daily, as the effects last for hours. They both claim continuous use overtime will result in permanent plump with zero side effects or risks, and boast of immediate results. With what little time it takes to do, we’re willing to add this to our beauty regime!


This one takes some getting used to. For lack of a better word, you must suck properly to get the desired effect, which comes with practice. It also has the added benefit of toning your facial muscles, which can help reduce lines and wrinkles around the mouth.

It’s YouTube beauty guru Kandee Johnson approved. Watch her video here. Buy your own there.

Luscious Lip Pump

This little device looks intimidating but it’s just like a vacuum for your lips. Put it over your mouth, pump and hold- that’s it. Beauty blogger Huda Kattan uses this tool, so you know it’s good. Watch her demonstrate here, and buy here.

For serious Angelina Jolie lips, use one of the tools above for naturally plumping lips , then follow up with our makeup tutorial for maximum effect.

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