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Piny of Beverly Hills

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By: Kay Ross for Health Beauty Life
Hair: Piny of Beverly Hills
Weaver: Shiry
Make up: Lila Griffin
Photo: Allen Carrasco

Piny of Beverly Hills, a pioneer in the art of hair enhancement and replacement, is known internationally for creating custom, natural-looking hair extensions, wigs and hairpieces for both men and women. He has also carved out quite a name for himself in the entertainment industry, having worked on countless movies, television and reality shows over the decades, many of which involved working with A-list celebrities.

In the very beginning, Piny came to the states from Israel as a professional soccer player but soon learned the exacting craft of wig making from his father-in-law. He opened his studio in Beverly Hills in 1975 and the word spread quickly about his remarkable abilities. Some of the first celebrity clients to take notice included Liberace and Dolly Parton.

“In the very beginning, getting the business going was difficult. I worked as a handyman between clients to make ends meet. I’d finish a project at someone’s home, get cleaned up and then would change clothes in the car on the way back to the studio to do a client’s hair. It was quite a balancing act!”

Piny also enhanced Farrah Fawcett’s famous tresses using his custom extensions, which was a pivotal point in his career - one that helped dub him the “Guru of Hair Extensions.” In the years to follow, Piny’s career literally soared as clients flew him around the world to work his special kind of magic. He became a favorite of rock bands in the 70’s and 80’s and worked internationally with such performers as Earth, Wind & Fire, Metallica, Kiss and Duran Duran. Piny went on to create many of the looks behind the movies Pulp Fiction and Rain Man and provided makeovers for The Swan and Extreme Makeover reality shows. More recently he became a consultant for shows such as Weeds, In Plain Sight and Burn Notice. With 35 years of experience behind him and a strictly referral-based clientele, Piny is a master of his craft now with family-run studios in Beverly Hills and Sherman Oaks, California. Using the finest quality virgin human hair sourced from Russia, he and his dedicated crew work tirelessly to create custom pieces that seamlessly match the color, texture, volume and style to his subject’s natural hair. One of Piny’s specialties and close-to-his-heart pet-projects involves working with cancer patients. Many medical professionals refer patients on a regular basis knowing that he can help restore their confidence with his expert abilities. He also donates a fair amount of time to making wigs for children who have lost their hair to cancer treatment.

When asked what he is the most proud of within his esteemed career, surprisingly, but without hesitation, Piny replied, “To simply make people happy! I see so many sad faces when people are thinning or losing their hair for medical reasons. To have a client look in the mirror and smile from ear to ear because they know that they look good, just warms my heart.”

The Looks from Piny

With length that spans just past her shoulders, Shiry has naturally curly hair, which can be difficult to match for extensions. Once his choice of hair was made, Piny added three rows of custom extensions for volume and then cut the pieces to blend in with her natural hair. HBL Spray Mousse was worked in and her hair was diffuse-dried while scrunching with his hands. The end result is a head full of soft, swirling curls and a very happy client. Rinat came to Piny from Israel with a desire for longer, thicker strands that would caress her shoulders and span further down her back. She also wanted the ability to wear her hair up for an upcoming wedding without seeing any tracks. Her mid length hair was naturally very straight and had a lot of breakage, especially on the ends. Piny added much needed length and volume with two rows of his custom extensions and then blended everything in by cutting. HBL Spray Mousse was worked in and her hair was blown out straight for a fuller, longer appeal.

Many others use lesser quality hair and work with ready-made pieces, which get tangled after a few washings. It’s important to start with the highest quality hair, create custom-made wefts and wigs from individual strands and use the best possible workmanship all the way through.”

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