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Pinteresting: Fall 2013 Nail Trends

Pinterseting Nail Collage Fall chill is in the air, meaning more time spent indoors, thus more time to paint our nails! With that, here are our favorite fall nails trending on Pinterest.

Navy Blue

Navy is the new black! Okay, not really, but it’s still super chic, and our fingers are swooning over it right now. It’s not as heavy as black, but still gives off that confident, dark, mysterious vibe. Pictured above is Essie’s After School Boy Blazer, which is lovely on it’s own, but for a twist, we’re curious to try topping it with a matte coat…!

Oil Slick

We’re pretty sure oil slicks are usually considered a bad thing, but for the purpose of Fall 2013 nail polish trends, it’s a darn good and super stylish thing! We first saw these on the Rebecca Minkoff runway, and have been playing with color combos ever since. You can buy an oil slick color, or get creative and blend a few metallic nail polish colors together.


Mirror, mirror, on my fingers, we hope this trend will forever linger. Okay, that was bad, but anyways… similar to Oil Slick, we’re loving playful metallic nail polishes in solid colors. Our favorite is obviously silver, as pictured above. It has a sleek, futuristic look that we bet Judy Jetson would’ve appreciated!

Gold Leaves

We barely have words for how much we love these babies, but let’s try. Nail art can be tough to keep chic, but this hits the nail on the head (pun intended). Keeping a color pallet of two classic colors, and sticking with a design that’s clean and simple, makes this one of the most sophisticated nail art attempts we’ve ever seen. The leaves are seasonally appropriate, but we think they could even pass as feathers, meaning we’ll probably find an excuse to wear these outside of fall.


This is the only time blood on your hands is a good thing, ad not just good, but seriously cool. Red is always a classic color, but this deeper take on it is simply stunning. The color pictured above is Dior’s Nuit 1947, but this color is so hot right now that a walk down the drugstore aisle will give you several oxbloody options.

Which one is your favorite? Comment below!

Editor: Nicole Walker


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