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6 Perfumes That Capture the Summer Feeling

Is there anything better than a sunny summer day blissfully spent lounging at the beach? We don’t think so, and our favorite perfume designers must agree.  Fragrances that capture the carefree and euphoric feeling of a sun-kissed beach day are everywhere this season, but we’ll be splashing these on long after summer is over. Here are some of the best of the bunch.

Replica Beach Walk
Smells exactly what is sounds like; an actual stroll at the beach with hints of coconut milk and ylang-ylang. If it were possible to actually bottle the smell of a day at the beach (salty skin, sunscreen, coastal breezes and warm sunshine) this would be it.


Bobbi Brown Beach
The iconic fragrance that arguably started the beach perfume trend. Less of a “perfume-y” fragrance than the others. The tropical smell of old-school Coppertone sunscreen and tanning lotion hits you immediately, but mellows down with hints of coconut and sea spray. If smelling like sunscreen seems strange don’t worry, Beach is a light happy scent and is strangely intoxicating.

Warm Fragrance Oil
Created for those who long for the coast, this roll-on oil is inspired by years spent happily at the beach. Sweet with hints of lemon, bergamot, lily, and musk, one whiff will have you transported to a fluffy beach towel soaking up the summer sunshine. It doesn’t hurt that the bottle looks like a warm ombre sunset either.



Olivine Amongst the Waves
If you want to feel like your frolicking in the ocean when the only rays you’re getting are the fluorescent lights from your cubicle, this is the next best thing. Inspired by Hanalei, Hawaii, top notes of black coconut and ocean salt blend with floral water lily, Tonka bean and Arabian sandalwood.



Tocca Simone
More floral than the previous 4 fragrances (no notes of sunscreen here) but still breezy and playful. Inspired by Australia’s iconic Bondi Beach (an idyllic summer spot if there ever was one) with notes of sparkling watermelon, frangipani and amber. It reminded our tester of sun-kissed skin and eating watermelon at the beach, so that’s a winner in our books.


Tom Ford Neroli Portofino
Captures the lush vibe of the Italian Riviera perfectly - think sparkling turquoise water, cool and breezy with an “oceany” undertone. Notes of neroli, Italian bergamot and Sicilian lemon of make it a Mediterranean vacation in a bottle.


















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