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Paula Mendoza Jewelry

If you’ve been following any fashion bloggers on Instagram, or have seen Beyonce’s wrist bling in her ‘XO’ video, then you’re probably already familiar with Paula Mendoza jewelry. It has a signature look that’s pretty unforgettable…











Paula’s workshop is located in Colombia, it’s the source of her raw emeralds, and it’s where she was born.

Naturally then, Colombia serves as one of her greatest sources of inspiration, and her jewelry clearly reflects this with its rich golds and powerful emeralds.

Having began her craft about a decade ago, Paula has finally hit her tipping point. She’s been featured in the New York Times, Vanity Fair,

W Magazine, Marie Claire -the list goes on. Not to mention she’s featured almost daily all over the wrists, fingers, and necks of celebs and fashion bloggers alike.


We personally  can’t get enough of the way this jewelry grows up your wrist, down your neck, etc., and since precious metals and emeralds never go out of style, we think it’s well worth the small investment. Click here to purchase out favorite ringbracelet, and necklace, and visit Paula’s site here.

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