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The Overall Comeback

Confession: for as fashion forward as we like to think of ourselves, it took us a hot minute to jump on the overall comeback train. Prince George looks practically edible in them, but our last personal memory of this style dates back to the mid-1990s, and if we’re getting specific, a pair of purple corduroy overalls from the then-popular tween store “Limited Too” still haunts our dreams.

Alas, the world is round, and style is cyclical. So after channeling our inner 12 year old and studying the designer remakes, we’re head over heels for the growing overall trend.

Take in this blogger inspo, then we’ll tell you how to nail the trend without looking like a child.

Image Sources 1, 2, 3, 4

The secret to still looking like a grownup is to keep the rest of your outfit picks chic. Designers have kept the leg slim, so it’s perfect for showing off a great pair of shoes. We suggest pairing with pumps, or pointed-toe flats. Add some edge with a spiked necklace, or carry a killer handbag like Olivia’s structured bag above. Just don’t go out with a red tee, sneakers, and your hair in a pony, or you might get some funny looks.

Are you ready to try them for yourself? Pick from some of our favorite pairs below.

1. Blank NYC 

2. Townsen

3. Guess

4. Paige Denim

5. ONE by Black Orchard

6. Ralph Lauren



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