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New Years Resolutions in Just 10 Minutes a Day

Everyone knows the story of the girl who cried New Years Resolutions, then ditched them Mid-February for a donut and warm bed.

We know the story well, and the girl too, because we’ve probably all been her at some point. You set a radical resolution that you’re totally jazzed about because you’re certain it’s going to revolutionize your life, then not only do you eventually give up on it when you realize just how unrealistic it was to jump into, but you also feel terrible about yourself for doing so…


We’re not here to give you the motivation to do an hour of cardio each night (Actually if you find that, will you please give it to us?!), or the motivation to go to sleep by 9am. Those goals simply aren’t attainable overnight, and are like setting yourself up for failure.

But everyone can spare 10 minutes a day, right?

What we’re here to suggest are small, incremental changes that are attainable in both the short and long term. And I know what you’re thinking: how could 10 minutes of something actually induce a change?

Well it can!

First of all, 10 is more than zero, right? Right!

And often times, starting something is the hardest part, especially a task that seems time consuming. But we bet that if you at least resolve to 10 minutes a day, you’ll build up to more because once you start, you’ll actually want to keep going. 

So let’s get to it…

Depending on your schedule we recommend starting with 1-2 of whichever ones seem the most important for your life. Then each month, add another one. This gradual change with minimal commitment is the key to sticking with it.

10 Minute New Year’s Resolution Ideas: 

SLEEP… Go to bed 10 Minutes earlier each night.

UNPLUG…Give yourself 10 minutes of silence each day, free of cell phones, ipods, TV, etc.

READ… For 10 Minutes a day.

WAKE UP… 10 Minutes Earlier. Spend the time stretching, making a healthy breakfast, or simply not to feel rushed.

MOVE…for 10 Minutes a day. Get some sort of physical exercise whether it’s a short walk, or a yoga video you find on YouTube.

INFORM… Spend 10 Minutes a day reading or watching the News.

LEARN…Pick a new hobby you’ve been wanting to learn -knitting, piano, a new language- and spend 10 minutes a day on it.

ORGANIZE… Spend 10 minutes a day dedicated to getting organized, whether that’s cleaning up around the house, organizing your CD collection, or just planning your week ahead.

So there you have it, folks! 10 Minutes a day of anything you’ve been aiming towards is all it takes to make a change. And since we know you all have 10 minutes a day, there are no excuses this year. ;)


Keep your eyes peeled, because all of January, we’ll be posting more #RealisticResolutions ideas, recipes, etc. to help you start your year off right!

Written By: Nicole Walker

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