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Navigate the Dating Field with Ease

3 Tips for Navigating the Dating Field

Whether you are a serial dater or are just getting back onto the scene after a break-up, the aspect of the dating game can be tough. As individuals, we place a high value on finding a romantic partner and the search can be harrowing. Sometimes the anxiety of wondering what people think of us or waiting for the next call is not as easy as it seems.


When it comes to finding the right match, it is so important to outline a clear perspective of the type of person and relationship you need. This will help you make better decisions when it comes to the people you encounter along the way. Stay focused on the big picture of your intentions to meet someone and the things you find attractive inside and out.

Let things come naturally 

One of the hardest parts about dating is wondering when you are going to meet the right person. With each new meeting  comes hope that this person will finally be a solid match for you. However, if in the early stages of dating, remember to learn about the individual as best you can before moving to fast. While it is good to be excited about dating and each new person you meet, let things come naturally instead of assuming or trying to make anyoneyour ”one”. When you know the person is a good fit, then eventually, each date will flow a bit more smoothly. You will feel more relaxed and your mind will stop asking questions like  ”maybe this is the person, maybe not.”

Don’t Take it Personal, Think Logical 

Dating can be a lot of things, but dates gone bad can hurt or remind us of things we dislike. If a date goes negatively it is possible to naturally have insecurities about how you look, if you said too much or ponder why it didn’t lead to date #2. When people do not have romantic feelings towards us, common insecurities can arise. Do not question yourself, but take each step as a stride to working on you and your strengths for the next intriguing individual you come across. Remember, we all have different preferences and are attracted to certain people; if someone is not into you, just know that we each have our own qualities we find important in our mates.

Most importantly, as you navigate through the dating scene think of all the people you know that hold significance based on the differences in personality or lifestyle;  like friends, neighbors or co-workers…there is nothing wrong with them right? They are just not your type. As you begin to enter the dating world, walk with confidence for who you are.


Kelli Cooper is a freelance writer who focuses on health, relationships and personal development. She recommends you visit the 50PlusClub senior dating agency.

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2 Responses to “Navigate the Dating Field with Ease”
  1. Al says:

    this post is really great since it has been helpful and at the same time, informative. Really worth the read!

  2. Moni says:

    There are a lot of guys who, believe it or not, do not have any clue regarding how they can get ready for a blind date. Despite the fact that this might look like one of the more interesting adventures in the world of dating, anything can go amiss. Taking into consideration that blind dating takes place when a guy is set up with a girl through the help of friends and even family members, they would not know what to expect from it.

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