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NaturaLook Premanent Cosmetics Center

San Diego’s Premier Permanent Cosmetics Center

From sparse brows to faded lip lines, permanent makeup not only corrects facial flaws but boosts self-esteem. Clients visit Jeanee Lusby at NaturaLook in La Jolla, California and leave glowing, confident and proud of the reflection they see in the mirror. We were lucky enough to spend the day at San Diego’s Premier Permanent Cosmetics Center to get a firsthand peek at the transformative powers of permanent makeup and we’re sharing with you the in’s and out’s of getting inked.

Jeanee Lusby, CPCP

Meet Jeanee Lusby, CPCP

With a wealth of artistic talent, combined with compassionate client care, Jeanee Lusby offers all aspects of permanent makeup applications in her La Jolla, California center. In 1999, after 12 years in ophthalmology and clinical nursing,  Jeanee chose to pursue her more artistic and aesthetic passions and founded NaturaLook Institute of Permanent Cosmetics. As a sole practitioner and a Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professional trainer member, Jeanee is an industry leader in the field of innovation and natural micropigmentation artistry.

Unlike many other practitioners, Jeanee has made the application and training of permanent cosmetics her sole specialty. As a proud member of the SPCP and the American Academy of Micropigmentation, she has become a respected trainer, author, mentor and lecturer in the industry.

Jeanee is honored to be an active member of the SAAVE program (Survivor Academy Action Volunteer Effort) where she donates her services to cancer survivors.

‘‘At NaturaLook, we believe that permanent makeup is a balance between art and science. With a focus on symmetry, color, instrumentation and techniques, we create beautiful designs through the gentle art of micropigmentation, all in a setting conforming to the safest medical health standards for the protection of ourselves and others. ‘‘

Permanently Pretty

Think of permanent makeup (aka Micropigmentation) as a modern application of the age-old art of tattooing. Permanent makeup provides a safe, natural looking alternative or enhancement to a daily makeup routine. To administer, pigments are permanently inserted into the dermis of the skin resulting in a lasting, waterproof color that remains fresh and beautiful no matter what your activity.

To create the most natural, beautiful and long-lasting results, Jeanee Lusby relies on the highest grade products and equipment. Areas of treatment include eyeliner, brows, lip and lip liner in addition to areola and scar camouflage and ColorWash™ permanent makeup. So whether a client is seeking subtle definition or a more thorough finish, Jeanee is able to meet a wide variety of needs.

Age-related loss of pigment in the lips or hair loss in the brow area are two major reasons that clients come to Jeanee Lusby. For these clients, permanent makeup is able to take away years from their face by rejuvenating and highlighting their features. “In our experience, we find that most women want to look their best regardless of age; however, over time the skin begins to lose the natural pigmentation and definition that was enjoyed in youth,” Lusby explains, adding, “At NaturaLook, we have developed many permanent cosmetic options for enhancing one’s appearance such as replacing lost color in lips, defining lash lines and restoring the appearance of natural hair in the brows.”

Other times, clients would like to cut down the time it takes them to get ready in the morning. Permanent makeup is an excellent solution for time-strapped women or even for women who would prefer to not be caught “without their face on” during early morning gym trips or errand runs.

Over the years, Jeanee Lusby has formulated ColorWash™, a unique color washing technique to deliver a natural, semi-smudged finish. The benefit to utilizing this technique is avoiding any tell-tale harsh, unnatural lines, leaving clients
looking like themselves, only better.

“ColorWash™ is a method of layering different shades of pigment using digitally based permanent cosmetic equipment and innovative needle technology. Unlike traditional procedures where one color is implanted along the lash line or on the lips, ColorWash™ uses three to four layers of graduated custom shades. The effect on the eye is a smudged, smoky look similar to conventional makeup blending,” Jeanee explains.

In addition to her ability to expertly outline brows, eyes and lips, Jeanee Lusby and her team also treat a large population of women with scars, burns, stretch marks or breast augmentation and even mastectomy patients. Permanent makeup is able to disguise and camouflage imperfections, giving these women a truly physical and emotional confidence boost.

“Micropigmentation is often used in the medical field to enhance  the final results after cosmetic surgery, including…camouflage facelift scars, stretch marks, repigmentation for skin grafts, and burns. Mastectomy and augmentation patients enjoy the benefits of micropigmentation for recoloring the areola or scars after breast surgery,” Jeanee notes.

NaturaLook Institute of Permanent Cosmetics

For those looking to break into the permanent makeup industry or would just like to brush-up their skills, the NaturaLook Institute of Permanent Cosmetics offers an all-encompassing training program on the theoretical and practical aspects of the field.

“My staff and I are dedicated to helping students exceed all of their expectations during their training and we are certain that upon completion, they will leave us with confidence and enthusiasm for their career as a permanent makeup artist,” Jeanee shares.

For beginners, NaturaLook Institute of Permanent Cosmetics offers a comprehensive Fundamental Training program with heavy emphasis placed on the basics of starting a career in permanent makeup. From color theory and technique to sterilization, hands-on experience and business-building skills, this intensive 100-hour course, approved by the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals, is the perfect place to start.

For those with more experience, NaturaLook offers a customizable Advanced Training program designed to cater to the student’s individual needs. Training is private and scheduled individually to maximize your time.

Will my color fade?
The colors used in micropigmentation are cosmetic colorants, and, like all colors, they fade over time. Think about it…what happens if you leave a colored rug out in the sun for a week or two? Yes, all color fades. For a realistic expectation, clients need to think of permanent makeup as a “low maintenance”, not a “NO maintenance” procedure. Clients should plan to return every few years for a color boost or enhancement to restore their designs to the desired color and hue temperature.

Does it hurt?
Over the counter and prescription anesthetic agents are used before and during the procedures for comfort. Most clients report minimal discomfort.

Is permanent makeup more or less effective with certain skin types and ethnicities?
The age, health and undertone of a client’s skin are all very important factors to take into consideration before proceeding with a permanent cosmetic procedure, color boost or enhancement to restore their designs to the desired color and hue temperature.

How do I choose the right artist?
It’s important to go on more than one consultation. Ask the same questions at each consult. Find out about their experience, products they use, safety practices, ask to see their working room and most importantly….ask to see their before, immediately after and healed photos. The proof is in their work. Also, find out what they can and will do for you if you are not happy with the results.

Connect with NaturaLook

Want to stay in touch with the latest and greatest from the team at NaturaLook? “Like” them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter and be sure to check out their blog. Visit www.naturalook.com today to get connected!

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