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The Myth About Face Oils You Shouldn’t Believe

The myth that putting oil on your face causes oily, acne-prone skin has been broken. Namely because oil isn’t what causes pimples. Plenty of people have oily, yet completely clear skin, and vice versa- plenty of people with dry skin suffer from acne.

The truth is…

Using harsh products to strip your skin of oil in hopes of avoiding oily skin and breakouts often has the opposite effect. When stripped of its natural oils, your skin overcompensates by pumping out more oil to replace the lost moisture and keep itself healthy. So the opposite is then also true- applying natural oils and fatty acids to skin restores it to its balanced, natural state, and stops the overproduction of oil. Boom- myth busted.

We’re not advising you to run to the kitchen and grab the olive oil just yet. We recommend anyone who is suffering from acne see a dermatologist before embarking on a journey to find the perfect skincare regime. Either way, we are here to make a case for face oils whether your skin is oily, dry, aging, etc.

Why do we love oils so much?

The science-y explanation is that face oils contain the essential fatty acids that our skin needs to stay hydrated, but that our body can’t produce on its own. Oils protect the skin’s acid mantle by creating a lipid barrier over the skin, protecting it from harsh elements, and aiding in its own healing process.

Oils also pass through your skin’s layers quicker than your lotion does. They seep right on in, plumping the skin by preventing water loss and adding moisture, making face oils a fantastic quick-fix for dry, sunken, dehydrated skin.

The non-science-y sounding reason we love face oil? Because it’s awesome and Miranda Kerr uses it.

Okay really, you just can’t beat the moisturizing and plumping punch an oil packs. There’s a reason many makeup artists press oil into model’s skin before applying foundation- because oil provides a supple, dewey, luminous look to skin that people pay thousands to achieve. Try it and see it to believe it!

When it comes time to buy, remember that like most things in life, you get what you pay for. The cheaper oils often contain less refined ingredients, and include fillers and additives (THAT’S what can cause those breakouts). And since you’re using this on your precious face, you don’t want to mess around. Invest in a high-quality product made from pure, organic oil. Here are some of our faves, at all price points:

Clarins - Clue Orchid Face Treatment Oil, $52

RMS - Beauty Oil, $74

evanhealy- Rosehip Treatment Oil, $26

Sunday Riley - Luna Sleeping Oil, $105

Fresh - Seaberry Moisturizing Face Oil, $50

Derma e- Face Treatment Oil, $24

suki - Care Nourishing Face Oil, $33

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