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Most Relaxing Island Vacations

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Nothing can be more calming than the sound of waves crashing, and straw palapas swaying. Book a trip to paradise with these stunning island resorts. From the Islands of Bali, Sri Lanka to Hawaii or Seychelles, the options for a relaxing island vacation is endless.

Bali Island, Indonesia

Head to ‘Bali’ for an oriental high and you’d want to spend your lifetime here! Set amidst the Pacific Ocean, the island of Bali in Indonesia is not just an island, but paradise gained if you plan to spend a few days here. For it’s not just the beach and the skies that beckon; the quaint temples and Balinese culture is sure to soothe your frayed nerves and cleanse your soul!

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Ratnadweepa, Sri Lanka

There’s a treasure trove of goodies hidden in Sri Lanka, literally! Ratnadweepa or the Island (dweepa) of Gens (Ratna) is unique for its sparkling sapphires and radiant rubies. It’s believed that a plethora of precious gems lie embedded deep into the soil here. These gems have been collected and today adorn China’s Min Dynasty Tombs and also the crown jewels of Europe! How about gifting these during your honeymoon here?

Fair Island Scotland

This may seem nondescript, but Fair Island is the place you must head for if privacy is your priority. This is true escapism from the maddening crowd of urban life, for, human population is only about 70 here! Fair Island is also a birdwatcher’s haven.


Seychelles sounding like ‘sea shells’ is a refreshing island popular among honeymooners and the lover of luxury! Located on the western part of the Indian Ocean, Seychelles comprises about 115 islands, which offer you unlimited privacy! The marine life in myriad colors comes alive as you dive or snorkel into the tranquil waters. You wouldn’t want to swim back to earth!

Tahiti Islands

Tahiti Islands in French Polynesia, which once were isolated from urbane habitation, today boasts of an international airport. Its coral reefs and hills are what set these ap

Santorini, Greece

Although Santorin has gained popularity in recent times and voted as the world’s best island by BBC. It’s an island straight out of fairytale, with its cobblestone paths and houses colored in blue and white. Homes sit atop precipitous cliffs and with donkeys meandering their way along the cliffs make Santorini an island where time seems to have stopped in a former century!

Phuket, Thailand

Famous for its water-sports, Phuket is not just a water-lover’s ‘water-hole’, but a shopper’s paradise as well. Known as the ‘Pearl of the South’, Phuket is the largest island in Thailand. Its virgin beaches and a free-spirited culture makes it one of the best among tourists.

Hawaii Islands

Hawaii with its warm tropical climate and lushness make it the most sought after island in the world. Hawaii is the place that has enchanted water-sport enthusiasts and biologists alike. Lanai one of the lesser known island in Hawaii, was once upon a time known as the ‘Pineapple Land’ for the abundance of pineapple there. You’d not be disappointed with its two popular resorts and a couple of golf courses. This is a place where you can laze leisurely and see the world go by.

Cayman Islands

The ultimate island experience is undoubtedly in this set of islands! Famed for its electrifying nightlife, salubrious, balmy beaches and adventurous water-sports, Cayman Islands are tiny pockets into which you can zero in and escape from the routine of life.


Mauritius and island are quite synonymous! Mauritius beckons the romantic as well as the romantic at heart. Mauritius remains steeped in history with its several historic sites and marvels tourists with its coral reefs. Palapas are thatched hut like places where you can huddle together, sipping your drink. The place is dotted with Palapas which make this island unique.

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