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Molly Sims: Juice Addict, Wellness Devotee, And Meatless Monday Obsessed

We bet you didn’t know Molly Sims was a juice addict and wellness devotee…until maybe you looked at her, because it’s obvious this glowing girl is doing something right. The best part? She’s relatable…

“Even if I feel tired or unmotivated, I try to bite the bullet and get moving. It’s never enjoyable at first, but after five minutes when my endorphins kick in, I’m good to go! A great playlist is also a good motivator.”

I mean, right? It doesn’t get more honest and real-girl than that! So click here to read that article, and follow the link below to read 20 questions with Molly Sims, where she delves into what keeps her happy and healthy, at home and in the kitchen. 

Read original article…


Photos: The Chalkboard Mag

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