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Mardi Gras - Fun Hair & Make-up Looks

We love Mardi Gras elements because they’re fun, chic, and original. Whether we’re talking about masks, hairstyles, or make-up, one thing’s for sure – they will make us stand out. Masquerade parties are no longer focused on outrageous costumes and silly masks; we’re now talking about opulence brought to extremes, classy outfits, and elegant accessories meant to boost confidence and make our looks stand above the crowd. Let’s have a closer look at some elaborate and fun ideas.

Smokey eyes with a twist
We love beautiful smokey eye make-up as long as it’s done properly. If you’re getting ready for a Mardi Gras event or masquerade, your make-up should complement the beautiful mask you’ll be wearing. Assuming your mask is full-faced, the people around you will glaze at your hair, outfit, and eyes. Let’s make those eyes pop up with the following guidelines:

•Selecting the colors – if your mask is yellow-gold, the best colors are the dark ones (black, brown, gray, etc.)
•Opt for 3 shades with different intensities (from light to dark)
•After you applied the foundation, use the right pencil to contour the eyes
•A black pencil is highly recommended if you want to have smokey cat eyes
•Don’t forget mascara
•Shape the cheeks using the best shade of blush
•Opt for red lips

Although your face will be entirely covered, at some point you’ll take that mask off, so your face underneath must look exquisite. It’s equally important to opt for high quality make-up products that are water-resistant and organic in order to preserve the natural aspect of your skin.

Matching your Mardi Gras mask with your hair style
Mardi Gras celebrations are truly engaging, which is why your mask and hairstyle must match the cheerful mood of the party. So now that you’ve decided to opt for the smokey eye type of make-up, what shall we do with the hair? The options are endless. You can opt for a classic ballerina bun or go for the curls of Marie Antoinette.

The Black Swan was an incredible movie, and women have started to adopt the hairstyle, make-up and the mask to make their own Mardi Gras outfits. Here’s what you must do:

•Look for a burlesque boutique mask made of lace or filigree – if you have the skill you can always make a burlesque masquerade mask; choose black because it’s striking and enticing, and for your lips opt for bloody red.
•We mentioned before that Mardi Gras outfits and styles are no longer ridiculous and absurd, but rather chic and stylish, so your hair must be equally appealing. For your Black Swan look, a classic ballerina bun will make your face and mask stand out.

MARDI_GRAS_IMAGE_2 Sparkling green for your Mardi Gras mask

A shiny green mask for a Mardi Gras event may turn some heads around, yet for that to happen for sure, your accessories must be striking, classy, and chic. Opt for a half mask to make your face and make-up stand out. Half-face masks can be so mysterious when crafted properly. That white Phantom of the Opera mask we all remember made quite an impression.

It’s time to take things to a whole new level. The concept is good, the white color, not so much. Sparkling green on the other hand, can have a totally different effect. Women should consider an equally striking hair-do. This year, it’s all about volume, so don’t be afraid to go over the top if you want your appearance to be a memorable one.

As far as the make-up is concerned, the attention must be focused on the eyes. Your upper lid should have green eye-shadow to match with the mask, and your lips should be nude. Let’s not forget we’re at an elegant Mardi Gras party, not a carnival.

Mardi Gras is such a vibrant celebration. It allows people to be creative with their outfits and think outside the box. Apart from extravagant dresses and out-of-the-ordinary costumes, the event is the perfect time of the year for exclusive venues to welcome their equally opulent guests. Masks are vital in a Mardi Gras bash, so you just have to make yours stand out if you want to be memorable.


Guest Author: Edward Francis is a fashion blogger who loves talking and writing about the latest fashion and makeup trends. Apart from writing he enjoys swimming, hiking and running whenever and wherever time allows.

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