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Making Up Mary Murphy

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With a busy schedule that includes her role as a judge on So You Think You Can Dance and running her own dance studio, Mary Murphy relies on a no-fuss but mega-glam look. Lucky for you, we spent the day at Pearl Salon in gorgeous La Jolla, California, where we got the secrets to making up Mary Murphy.

Hairstylist Eva Esparza

Flawless Face

To achieve Mary’s close-up ready complexion, makeup artist Doris Lew-Jensen started by applying Luminess Air foundation, an organic, water-based, ultra-light airbrush makeup to clean skin. This provided a finished but not made-up appearance while adding some color to Mary’s complexion.

Next, Doris applied a blue-neutralizing cream-based concealer under her eyes to cover any darkness, an orange highlighter under the eyes to make the eyes pop and finally, a pink-toned concealer over her freckles. She then dusted on two shades of powder: One colorless powder to use under the eyes and on the eyelid to help prevent the eye shadow from creasing and the concealer from moving and a warmer tone powder to warm up the skin and set the makeup.

Using earth tones to bring out Mary’s eyes, Doris started with a gold highlighter color starting at the lash line and worked her way up onto the eyelid. Next, Doris applied a neutral brown shade around her eyes and into the crease. Black eyeliner in a winged shape was added to define her eyes.

To soften the liner, Doris created some drama by applying a black shade onto the corners of her eyes using v-shaped strokes resulting in a smoky finish. Then, Doris filled in her brows and extended their length to elongate and draw attention to her eyes, noting that the brows are what frame the eyes. So it’s very important to give them the right shape. A strip of false eyelashes and a generous coating of black mascara using a zig-zag technique added just the right finishing touch to Mary’s eyes.

Focusing on her cheeks, Doris swept on a soft pink blush. For the lips, Doris advises applying lip liner starting at the center of the edge or just beyond the outer edge of the natural lip shape for a fuller look. Finally, she used a warm golden color lipstick layered with a gold color lip gloss to perfect her pout.

Hot Tamale Tresses

To create va-va-voom locks like Mary’s, Pearl Salon hairdresser Eva Esparza first cleansed and conditioned with ENJOY Sulfate-Free Luxury Shampoo and Conditioner. She then applied ENJOY Conditioning Spray to damp locks to detangle and provide extra moisture to Mary’s hair. Next, she applied hbl Straight & Style to smooth and straighten Mary’s naturally curly strands. Using a round brush and working in one to two-inch sections, Eva blow dried Mary’s hair after applying hbl Spray Mousse to each section first. Once dried, Eva used a curling iron working in one to two-inch sections to create additional shape and movement. ENJOY Creamy Pomade was used on the ends to perfect her style before finishing with ENJOY Hair Spray to ensure a long-lasting look.

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