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Choosing The Makeup Color Palette that Matches your Hair Color

Choose the Best Makeup Color Palette for Your Hair Color So you have a new hair color or just want to vamp up your current look? Choosing the makeup color palette that accentuates your hair can actually brighten or high light your best facial features.

Choosing your Makeup Color Palette:  makeup haircolor

Dark Brown to Black Hair

Deep chocolate, molten black or shades of dark with hints of red, purple or burgundy can pull off a variety of makeup options that will make eyes, lips & cheeks more defined.

For lips - there are multiple options that a dark haired brunette can choose from. Plum, Red, Burgundy, Mauve and even light hues of pinks and metallic shades are perfect for your pout.

For eyes - have no fear. Light colors like metallic silver or champagne will give you a natural finish. While colors like purple and blue will enhance the pigment in your eye. For a dark, deep look you can go for black or browns to achieve the smoky eye effect.

For cheeks - opt for rosey reds and lush pinks, if pale or need a color boost- sprinkle a medium shade of bronzer on face and neck.

Blonde or Caramel Hair

The light shades of blonde hair look best with soft color choices like peach, pinks, champagnes even light green or light brown.

For lips - try sheer glosses and soft lipsticks in peach or pale pink.

For eyes - go gentle. The softer the look the more your hair and golden glow, will shine. Gently brush with shimmery eye shadow across your lids and sweep underneath your eyes, try loose shadow if a matte color is too dark.

For cheeks - Use powdered blush (smile while doing so) to enhance your cheeks! If summer time, go for a cream blush that will give you that golden girl glow.

Red Hair

Since your hair is a sultry red try a makeup that is inviting but not too heavy.

For lips - avoid liners and lipsticks that are too dark, matching your hair to your lipstick can be too bold of a move. Instead, try a mauve or peach lipgloss with a sparkle.

For eyes - Use greens, browns and peach to make your eyes stand out. Line your eyes on the bottom and add mascara for a final touch.

For cheeks - use a cream blush that will give  you a refreshing summery finish.

Brown Hair

With this hair color you have a plethora of options at your finger tips. You too like dark brown to black hair can go for bold looks but also natural colors in peach and pink can soften your mane.

For lips - try a rich pink or bold berry color, if you like less bold, opt for a bright pink or light red gloss.

For eyes - experiment with liners like navy or gray. Enhance your eyes with matte, neutral colors like cream, brown, gray and blue.

For cheeks - try a warm powder like a deep apricot or a spiced plum.


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