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How to Store Your Makeup Like a Grown-Up

True beauty junkies can all agree that we outgrew simple makeup bags by the end of high school. Now more sophisticated forms of makeup storage are required for our ever-expanding collections. Not only do these new-and-improved storage solutions keep makeup organized and visible, but it helps preserve  your beauty loot so it’s not being tossing around in a bag. breaking into pieces and making a mess.

Acrylic Boxes are a fantastic way to store makeup because they keep everything visible. Buy your own here.
Acrylic Boxes


Just another reason to love Ikea. Their Alex collection (available here) has several chest and desk options that are perfect for beauty hoarders that need a lot of storage space.



If your makeup collection is a little more conservative or you like to keep certain things within reach, this table-top spinning organizer will be your saving grace.

Love the idea of the acrylic boxes and Ikea drawers but not ready to splurge? Simple plastic organizers are your practical solution. You can get these almost anywhere- Target, the Container Store, even The Dollar Store!


Don’t have drawer or counter top space? No problem. Use a hanging organizer, similar here.


For crafty beauty junkies, there are always DIYs! We love the idea of a magnetic board that keeps everything visible and within arm’s reach. Here’s a tutorial.


This DIY makeup brush holder looks expensive, but can be done using products form the dollar store. Or use this general idea to create any holder you want- all you need is some sort of container and filler.

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