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Well-Rounded, Universal Resolutions

1) Make No Excuses

2) Look Back (for a moment!)

3) Take action with the Small Things

4) Phone a Friend


Make No Excuses - think positive! Whether a situation could be better or needs some fine tuning, think of how to move forward and achieve the best result for you and your lifestyle.

Look back, only for a second to think of the things you’d like to improve on, this will make you stronger and more excited for the coming year.

They say it’s the smaller things in life that makes the biggest difference. So start with minor adjustments in your every day routine. Perhaps its how you wake up in the morning or what you do when you get off work.

Phone a friend or family member, it is ok and needed at times. If you are in a bind or need support, advice or just a new take on a dilemma, go to those you trust the most to get the job done. Plus, they might feel honored that you reached out to them for an important question like a new job offer or a move between cities.





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