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Live Healthy Now

Getting Motivated.

It is difficult to break habits and taste buds, but being your biggest support system is key to a healthy goal.  If you are going to shop for better products or produce, try the opposite of what you normally choose. Reducing sugar in your diet? Instead of snacking on cookies or ice cream decide to lower your sugar intake with granola bars or greek yogurt. Start with smaller portions and less sugar and move forward.

Make Moves

When it comes to weight loss, live in the now. Don’t worry about tomorrow or next week. The weight will come off and you will see results if you take it day by day and focus on what’s going on at the moment. Making healthy changes by using your gym pass, neighborhood walks or at-home workout will encourage you to regain your motivation and break bad habits fast.  Think smart- the longer you continue to overeat, skip workouts or add  junk food to your daily routine, the harder it will be to reach your goal. Why let another day pass you by? Give yourself a better chance by starting now, and not later.

Lastly, things will always come up that could cause  a delay in your life  but  keep a clear mind even on a Friday night, a football Sunday or that all -you-can-eat buffet night!


Samantha Barrionuevo, Personal trainer and daily blogger at Samantha has a degree in Exercise Science and holds Certifications as a Strength and Conditioning Coach through NSCA, a Pre and Post Natal Fitness Specialist and a Nutrition Coach.

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