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Live a Beautiful, Healthier Lifestyle

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The beauty of a woman and her health go hand in hand. Beauty lies in a variety of things including looks, body, style, energy and so forth. A woman’s radiance and attractiveness also depends on her fitness levels. To live a healthier life you will have to take diet, exercise, yoga, meditation, jogging as considerations to a happier, healthier lifestyle.


A healthy diet is one which calories and daily nutrition are offset by eachother. By focusing on eating a variety of food and avoid eating high sugars you can be well on your way to a healthier, more positive you!

  • Eating at regular intervals is crucial. Try eating within an 8-hour time frame, read “The Eight Hour Diet” by David Zinczenko, where you are guaranteed to lose 20 -60 lbs or more and still eat that muffin with your coffee or a side of mac n’ cheese for dinner.
  • Vegetables, fruits, egg, milk, fish, meat, nuts are healthy for your body. Try to avoid consuming sugar and fat containing food. Vegetables which have carbohydrates in them like potatoes have high levels of fat.
  • Drinking plenty of water and avoid drinking alcoholic beverages - instead limit your consumption to 2-3 drinks at most per week.


  • Exercising increases your energy levels and gives you a good physic day by day. From Pilates, Yoga to intelligent fitness like Pure Barre method and so on, these workouts make your body fit and it works on each part of your body. To make your bones fit, muscles look good and to maintain better structure, you can try out different exercises.
  • Meditation will make you tension free, and clear out your mind. It develops your personality as well as your thinking capability. It makes you to think positively and optimistically.
  •  Morning yoga will give you strength. Jogging helps you in maintaining your body weight. Try to avoid acquiring belly fat by walking after every meal.


  • Skin  problems like pimples, warts, wrinkles, dark circles etc. can be cured by drinking plenty water, juices, eating fruits, having good sleep and applying cosmetics that are  fit for your skin type. Don’t try all kinds of creams which may cause infection due to chemicals used. Stick to certain products with organic, pure ingredients.  An aged woman can suffer from wrinkles, which can be due to less water content in body and/or loss of calories. Avoid taking pills unnecessarily, try to opt for natural vitamins and supplements unless directed by your physician.
  • Straightening your hair will lead to split ends or weak hair, and even cause dryness. Make sure to use a thermal spray that will protect your ends, ENJOY Thermal Spray is an excellent choice for strong locks that shine. 

Evita is a writers whose hobbies include health and finance. 


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