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The Lioness Mane

Feeling a little wilder than your average kitty this Halloween. Have volumes of fun while unleashing your inner ‘wild animal’. Follow the steps below to create this sassy and wild lioness mane.

Here’s what to do!

PREP HAIR WITH: ENJOY Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner to get your mane nice and full. Next blow dry hair using ENJOY Shaping Lotion and Volumizing Mousse, this will ensure your mane will stay fierce all day long. Start by sectioning off the crown area of your head, you will be working on this area last Begin adding texture to your mane using a triple barrel iron (Crimper) *You do not need to be precise about how you crimp the hair, you’re going for a controlled chaos look,so have fun! Backcomb the crown section and crimp the ends Backcomb the entire bottom portion to create your desired volume Take a small triangle section on both sides of the crown area, backcomb, and wrap in a circular motion and secure with a few bobby pins, these will be your ears Finish by generously spraying your mane with ENJOY Super Hold Hair Finishing Spray

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