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5 Things To Do Every Sunday To Reset For The Week Ahead

Sundays are technically the weekend, but thanks to its position on the calendar, its next-door neighbor Monday tends to leak some of its awfulness into what should be a lazy, relaxing day. But if you’re a smart cookie, you’ll use

5 Tips For Surviving The Holidays With Family

Sometimes it’s not the calorically-dense pies or bottomless champagne that scares us about the holidays, it’s the people we partake in such things with: family. We all love our families, of course, but sometimes spending a chunk of time with

3 Smart Ways To Deodorize Smelly Shoes

First thing’s first: EW! Yeah, we know, this is kind of a gross subject. However, smelly shoes/feet is a problem we’ve all encountered at one point or another. Wearing shoes without socks is the main culprit, and it’s something all

Adulting: 5 Ways To Boost Your Credit Score

Is your natural reaction when you hear the word “credit score” to tune out and walk backwards slowly until you’re in the next room? Our is too, but you should know that the more often you do that, the worse

Kendall Jenner’s #1 Photogenic Trick We Can All Use

Okay, so Kendall Jenner most certainly doesn’t need any help looking younger, slimmer, or more gorgeous than she naturally is, but she does have a picture-posing hack that does just that. And we think it’s something we mere mortals must learn

8 Fashion-Themed TED Talks All Fashion Girls Must See

Who doesn’t love a good TED Talk? Some of them are life-changing, to say the least. An even though they aren’t known for their fashion content, there have been several impactful fashion-themed talks over the years that fashion girls must

How To Wrap Gifts Like A Fashion Girl

If you’re a true fashion girl, through and through, chances are style oozes from your pores, and you feel the need to infuse that into all areas of your life. And this season, that means topnotch gift wrapping.  And no

22 Reasons Being Single During The Holidays Is Awesome

It’s a common misconception that being single during the holidays is the worst. Well guess what? Everyone is wrong. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being single this time of year. In fact, it’s kind of awesome. Um, hello?! That’s half

8 Tips For Surviving Your Office Holiday Party

An office party is a mix of potentially explosive ingredients—coworkers, bosses, and booze—so it goes without saying that they must be entered with caution. You don’t want to be the one everyone is gossiping about the next day. So how

Top Five Friday - November 13th

This purposeful hairstyle is kinda weird, but we kinda really like it: turtleneck hair. The chicest wreath DIY we ever did see. How to use essential oils topically. See in full. Running out of smoothie ideas? Try this mix and

What It’s Like To Be A Fashion Party Photographer

Lately we’ve been talking a lot about careers in the fashion industry, and today we’re spotlighting one of the coolest we can think of: a photographer at fashion parties. I mean yeah, of course we’d rather be one of the

Lauren Conrad’s Christmas Shopping List

Lauren Conrad is one of those chicks who always has it together, so it’s no wonder we’re still weeks away from Thanksgiving, yet she already has a list of Christmas gifts picked out to purchase. And well, we guess it’s

Quitting Facebook For One Week Makes People Happier, Says New Study

Add this to the pile of “things we’re not surprised by.” The Happiness Research Institute in Copenhagen, Denmark did a little experiment that found that quitting Facebook for as little as one week makes you significantly happier. Yeah, no surprise

Here’s How To Take A Great iPhone Photo

iPhones have replaced more than just our landlines. Come to think of it, we don’t even remember the last time we made a voice-on-voice phone call, but we do use our cells to take roughly 1,000 pictures a day. Okay,

How To Make New Friends As A Young Adult (And Keep The Old)

When you lived on a college campus, making friends was as easy as walking outside of your dorm room, and if you had a good roomie, you didn’t even need to do that. But one of the gripes we hear,

Top Five Friday - November 6th

Where has this been all our lives? The braid dictionary! See in full here. A quick and easy homemade dessert you don’t need to feel guilty about eating: recipe here. (Plus, this would make a great Christmas gift!) Speaking of Christmas…the

9 Must-See Web Series To Watch This Fall

Whether you admit this or not, the likelihood of you spending the next two seasons hibernating under blankets and binge watching anything-and-everything you can get your popcorn-stained hands on are high. But between Netflix, Hulu, Prime, HBO Go, etc. series,

10 Steps To Looking More Photogenic

Tis the season for parties on parties on parties. And what does that mean? Photos on photos on photos. So on top of arming yourself with on-point fashion and beauty looks, it’s equally as important to arm yourself with tips

Daylight Savings: 10 Productive Things To Do In An Hour

You’re always complaining about how their isn’t enough time in a day…well yesterday you were given an extra hour—did you make the most of it?! Follow the link below for 10 productive things you can do with an extra hour.

Cool Fashion Careers You Didn’t Know Existed

Most fashionistas dream of a job in fashion, but if they aren’t suited for the designer, stylist, or editor route, they mistakenly give up on the industry. Well guess what? There are plenty of opportunities to work in fashion, most

Engagement Etiquette: Everything You Need to Know

When you get engaged, the last thing you’re probably thinking about is etiquette. You’re over the moon happy and all you want to do is shout it from the rooftops like Elf…”I’m in love, I’m in love, and I don’t
Top Five Friday – October 30th

Top Five Friday - October 30th

Not your average advice, but so good. Gorgeous apartment DIYs for adults! Found here. Have trouble shopping for the man in your life (BF, husband, bro, etc.)? Here are 212 seriously unique gifts for him. Pretty much the coolest meal presentation ever: Holiday

Quick Career Tips From Fashion’s Most Impressive Women

Fashion isn’t an easy career to break into, or even to stay in once you’re there. So if someone who’s been successful in the business is offering up career advice, you’d be a fool not to listen no matter what
Cuteness Overload: 3-Year-Old Guess Model Ava’s Instagram Account

Cuteness Overload: 3-Year-Old Guess Model Ava’s Instagram Account

If you thought celebrity kids made you feel inadequate about your style, just wait until you see this 3-year-old’s Instagram account. Florida native Ava is a child model (obviously) who has worked with brands like Guess and Gusella. From animal

Top Five Friday - October 23rd

Yet another way to indulge your pumpkin cravings this Fall: pumpkin spiced cream cheese recipe. Stop tossing your coffee grounds! Here’s how to use them around the house. (BONUS: Here’s a coffee sugar cookie recipe, because duh.) Could this be more

How to Appear More Confident From A Body Language Expert

Sometimes, you just have to fake it until you make it. Like confidence. Maybe you have a job interview (or date!) scheduled for Friday, but your week kind of beat you up, and your period came early, and ugh, you

Kim Kardashian West Shares 35 Lessons She Learned Before Turning 35

Okay, okay, we know. Kim Kardashian seems like a questionable source of life advice (kind of how we felt about Kylie here). We feel you. But in honor of her 35th birthday (Oct. 21), she posted 35 pieces of life

From Hugs To Hot Sauce, 10 Life Lessons With Tara Stiles

Tara Stiles lives a dream life- galavanting around the globe doing yoga (and in the most stylish of gear), cooking delicious and nutritious foods, and spending time with likeminded individuals. On a journey such as that, you’re bound to learn