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Life Changing Moments with Chrisanna Northrup

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Health Beauty Life caught up with New York Times best-selling author, as well as fitness, motivational and  relationship coach, Chrisanna Northrup, for a quick chat about obtaining and maintaining a healthy, happy and fulfilling life and relationship.

Some time ago, Chrisanna realized she didn’t feel good about herself or the way her life was going. After some serious self-reflection, she determined that getting into better shape was an important part of the solution and began a strength and conditioning fitness program (known as CrossFit) at a gym a few blocks from her home. 

What she didn’t know at the time was that this single decision would ignite a chain of other actions that would literally alter the course of her life. Chrisanna soon realized the challenge was going to take a lot of work, but she remained steadfastly committed.

‘‘The neat thing about doing CrossFit is that once you start seeing changes in your body, you just don’t want to stop. When you start feeling better about yourself and your body starts looking better, everything improves…including your relationship.  In addition to her commitment to physical improvement, Chrisanna made a commitment to work on her relationship. To that end, Chrisanna and her husband found the challenges and shared goals of working out together fun and rewarding, which eventually became the saving grace for their marriage.”

Let’s join Chrisanna For a Sampling of a CrossFit Workout…

In addition to being a successful author and managing her motivational brand, Chrisanna Northrup is also co-owner of CrossFit® Del Mar- an always-humming gym on the fringe of San Diego in Southern California.

CrossFit is a fitness program that safely, effectively, and efficiently trains people for life rather than specialize in any one skill. Varied constantly to include movements from Olympic lifting, gymnastics, and endurance sports, CrossFit uses functional movement patterns that are universally applicable and scalable so they apply to everyone regardless of condition or experience.

The ultimate for upper body strength, the bar is for pull-ups. Because women tend to have a bit of disadvantage with upper body strength, start with a few push-ups to help build muscle and then introduce chin-ups while standing on a high box. With a little baby jump up to the bar, these aided lift-ups from the box allow the muscles to get used to the action and prepare for eventual full pull-ups. As the exercise becomes easier, use lower boxes and then transition into a kicking or kipping pull up. A kipping pull-up starts with hanging from the bar and you swing your hips and legs to gain momentum so you can pull yourself up and to the bar.

Box Jump

The box jump will help with your vertical jump and will work to balance out your hamstrings, quadriceps, and glutes, which tighten your backside for sexy curves. Start with a baby box. Step up and down with  several repetitions and then  transition up to jumping up on the box and back down again. From there, move on to a taller box.

Sledge Hammer Swing 

Swinging a sledgehammer is great for the core and for getting out any aggression. Lift the sledgehammer up and swing it downward  while you adjust your  hand position for control during impact. Hit the tire several times with all of your might.

Kettlebell Swings

Kettlebells are not just for arm workouts; in fact, there are several exercises that use many other muscle groups.  Using your hamstrings, your hips and buildingyour core, position your feet outside of your hips, squat down and grab the handle of thekettlebell. Keep your arms straight and thenuse your hips to thrust helping to propel the kettlebell upward and over your head.

Tire Flipping

Flipping tires is a functional movement, which builds strength and your core. Do multiple reps to get your cardio up. Start with your feet outside of your hips, keep the chest up, reach down and get a good grip on the tire. Drive the lift with your heels and use your hamstrings to boost, introducing a knee if needed to help flip the tire over. Start small and work your way up to larger tires.

Sandbag Carries
Add interest to sprints by flipping a 50 lb sandbag over your head and onto your  shoulders. Dash out 200-400 meters and back  again, and then continue to the next exercise.

The key to a CrossFit regiment is to mix things up and to have fun with it. Getting  in shape this way also helps in a lot of other areas in your life. Not only will you look and feel better about yourself, you’ll carry that over into everything else that you do, including your relationship…which is always a good thing!

CrossFit Del Mar is a 4,500 square foot CrossFit® facility owned by Kim Bono, Chrisanna Northrup, Mark and Esther Marek.  They staff dedicated, world-class trainers to help members achieve fitness and nutrition goals in a fun and positive environment. For more information please visit, CrossfitDelMar.com

Finding Normal

Along the way, Chrisanna penned The Normal Bar: The Surprising Secrets of Happy Couples and What they Reveal about Creating a New Normal in your Relationship. An in-depth look at what is considered normal in relationships and what is considered different. ‘‘I wrote the book for anyone who is looking at their relationship and wondering if they have realistic or unrealistic goals with it.” What next? In addition to launching new products and expanding her brands, Chrisanna is working on another book and is happily negotiating a few television opportunities.


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