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Life Changes Bring Healthy Consequences

When we come to the many crossroads of life, there are choices that we have to make and decisions that will affect the rest of our lives. Good nutrition and exercise are two important concepts that affect the rest of your life. These are daily choices, however the decision to live freely based on these choices can start on any given day.



The choices that you have made in the past do not dictate the rest of your life. When you take the initial step into a new and healthy lifestyle, remember that today is the first day of the rest of your life.

In your journey there are a few key CHOICES that you will need to understand and remember, which will help you along the way:

  1. Consistency is Key - A healthy life is not determined by one good or bad choice but by the choices that you make every day. Consistent choices that improve your health will shape and form your life long habits.

  2. Habits Can Be Changed- Habits can either be made or broken depending on your lifestyle. For most of us, we need to analyze our past habits to understand which ones need to be broken. These habits can range from eating less chocolate to taking the stairs rather than an elevator. Habits can be formed with consistency and desire.

  3. Overcome Obstacles- Persistence is key to overcoming obstacles. One of the easiest ways to overcome an obstacle is to have a friend or accountability partner who is ready to take the leap with you. The desire to become healthy is always appealing but achieving the desired lifestyle is much easier if you have a spouse or friend that is willing to help you along the way.

  4. Innovation and New Ideas- Don’t be tempted by new fads. There are always new diets and workouts, but nothing works better than determination and desire. Fads will come and go but the benefits of good daily decisions will last. Remember that becoming healthy is not a quick fix but takes resilience and consistency.

  5. Celebrate your Successes- There will be momentous victories in your path towards a healthy lifestyle. Cherish them, remember them and grow from them, but don’t fall completely off your path while celebrating. The successes and victories are going to be the milestones that help you push your way through any adversity to come.

  6. Enjoy- Make your lifestyle choices fun. Habits that are being formed or transformed  must be fun and enjoyable or they won’t last. Find ways to motivate your family and  friends into teaming up with you on your adventure.

Live and love life. Always know that if you push your limits, you will find that you have no limits. Do not focus on the setbacks, instead concentrate on the CHOICES that will bring success and enjoyment in your life.

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