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5 Tips for Last-Minute Gift Shopping


If you have left your gift shopping to the last remaining days before Christmas, don’t panic! In a few simple steps, you can find the perfect present for friends or family, whatever your budget. Your loved ones will think you spent days pounding the streets to get the ideal gift for them – and they will love you for it.

What they won’t know is that you used a few simple tricks to make shopping easier, without breaking into a sweat. It will free you up for a bit of me time before the big day so you can indulge in a new outfit, have a pampering session, or just enjoy a long soak in a hot bath. Here’s our easy guide to gift shopping for last minute buys:

Make a List
The first step is to jot down everyone you need to buy for: whether it be immediate family, friends, colleagues or someone who has provided you with invaluable help over the past year, such as a cleaner or babysitter. Check and re-check the list before you shop and be certain that you haven’t left anyone out. This just takes minutes to do but will save you precious time in the long run.

Think Personality
Once you have jotted down the names, think about the personality of everyone listed, and the lifestyle they lead. Has someone recently moved and needs a gift for the home? Does your list feature a domestic goddess who would love something for the kitchen or dining room? Do you have a friend who has recently had a baby and could do with some indulgent pampering treats? What about the party friend who entertains a lot? Or, the sporty type who loves the great outdoors? It’s much easier to find gifts for loved ones once you have narrowed down their likes and dislikes.

Set a Budget
Set a budget for each person and write it down next to them, so you can work out how much to spend on Christmas gift shopping. Don’t be drawn into impusle buys that will make your credit card bill soar and leave you in shock come January. While that retro red coffee maker may seem like the perfect gift for a family member, proceed with caution as it could send you way over budget. So, allocate a maximum spend for everyone on the list and stick to it. Whether you spend $10, $30 or $10,0 your friends won’t love you any less.

Consider Timing
If you don’t have much time for shopping before Christmas there are ways to make the process easier and quicker. Look back at your list again: is it possible to buy everything in one shop, either in the mall or online? Some online stores offer next day delivery for a fee, which will help speed up the gift buying process. Or, you may be a short drive from the perfect gift shop. Lots of shops offer late night shopping leading up to Christmas, and you may be able to grab a free hot cocoa, or two!

If Christmas is just days away and you don’t know where to start, houseware shops are a great first stop, as they sell everything from scented candles, to placemats, ornaments, diffusers, and lighting. Whether your friend enjoys baking cakes, loves gardening, entertaining, reading, or works long hours, a shop selling Christmas gifts for the home will have dozens of inspirational ideas in all budgets. Some offer added bargains like 3 for 2 deals.  You may be able to buy some ready wrapped too, which is a great timesaver. It will all be professionally done and topped off with a ribbon and gift tag.

Our easy guide shows that Christmas shopping doesn’t have to be a chore. Instead, just follow the simple steps above and when the big day comes you will love seeing your friends’ excited faces when they unwrap your gifts.

Guest Author: Rima Atthi writes for London based Puji who offer a full range of contemporary Christmas gift ideas for the home.

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