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Lāhainā Heritage Museum

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As the first capital of the Kingdom of Hawai’i, it’s important to maintain and preserve the physical and cultural legacy of Lāhainā, which is the sacred mission of the Lāhainā Restoration Foundation (LRF). This nonprofit organization chartered in 1962, and its success is guided by a carefully selected Board of Directors.

In cooperation with all community-oriented interests, the LRF is responsible for preserving 14 major historic structures in Lāhainā, along with maintaining several collections of maps, photographs, logs, manuscripts, artifacts, and other materials that are a part of Lāhainā’s rich history.

LAHAINA_HERITAGE_MUSEUM_03 Out of the 14 structures, we took a closer look into the Lāhainā Courthouse, which like the town of Lāhainā, has royalty in its bones…

The Health Beauty Life crew had the good luck to meet Theo Morrison, Executive Director and curator of the Lāhainā Restoration Foundation, local historian and a wealth of island knowledge.

In 1858, the Kauaula wind destroyed the palace of King Kamehameha III, leaving behind timber and stones from which a new Courthouse was constructed in 1859.

Today, Old Lāhainā Courthouse offers a vast array of relics, drawings, photographs and other historical artifacts that tell the Lāhainā story.

Lāhainā Heritage Museum - Don’t miss it.

The Lāhainā Restoration Foundation
120 Dickenson Street,
Lāhainā, Hawai’i 96761
(808) 661-3262


By: Nicole Walker

Photos: Allen Carrasco and Courtesy Lahaina Restoration Foundation

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