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Kimi Werner - Freediving, Spearfishing, Shark Whisperer

Kimi Werner

Meet Kimi Werner – the freediving, spearfishing island native with a passion for cooking, painting and living a simple, sustainable life. Kimi is also fast becoming an island legend with a story to tell.

On a recent freedive in the waters off of Mexico, Kimi came face to face with an enormous Great White shark. Momentarily distracted by water in her facemask, she was alerted by her diving buddy that the lethal predator was only feet away. For most folks, that event would elicit a unanimous flight or fight reaction, and in almost every case, flight would be the only logical option. Rather than flee, Kimi squealed with delight and swam toward the massive animal, comfortable in the knowledge that it was the safest action to take. Confident that doing the opposite could have ended quite unpleasantly, to say the least. By swimming to the shark, Kimi signaled that she and the shark were alike: just two predators seeking food.

Raised on Maui, but residing in the hills above Hale’iwa on the north shore of O’ahu, the spear fisherman’s daughter has grown into a gifted artist, well-schooled culinary whiz and life long water woman whose benevolence and love for all creatures colors her passion for under water adventure. Beautifully gracious with an Aloha spirit that radiates inner tranquility and unmistakable soulfulness, Kimi welcomed the Health Beauty Life crew into her hilltop North Shore home to share her astonishing story.

“I still feel most lucky for the childhood I was given and for being able to continue to live in Hawai’I and pursue my passions of catching great fish, cooking great food and painting whatever makes me happy!”

Kimi lives artfully, gracefully and courageously, nourished by the land and the sea, inspired the natural beauty of her surroundings, and graciously shares her inner light for all to see. In short, she is the embodiment of all things Health Beauty Life.




By: Greg Root

Photos: Allen Carrasco & Courtesy of Jake Marote

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