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Kelly Emberg: At Home with The Model Gardener


On a recent afternoon, Health Beauty Life had the pleasure of stopping by the home of covergirl Kelly Emberg to spend some time in her incredibly plentiful garden, to talk about her remarkable life and catch up on her latest passions.

No longer a globe trotting supermodel, her life today is slightly less glamorous, but no less enjoyable. Married with a grown daughter and two young sons, Kelly is also a serious gardener who champions healthy foods and is fast becoming a radio and Internet star.


Accidental Modeling Career

Kelly found her modeling career quite accidentally due to a chance “discovery” by the legendary super-agent John Casablancas, who launched the Houston high school student into a skyrocketing modeling career that quickly segued to a life of international travel to cover assignments for Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Cosmo, and Sports Illustrated (among others.)
Overnight, the willowy blonde with the perfect bone structure turned up in advertising campaigns for the likes of Covergirl, L’oreal, Maybelline, and Napier, and soon settled into a long-term relationship (yielding a beautiful daughter, Ruby) with the one-and-only Rod Stewart.

The Model Gardener

Though Kelly’s life has been a charmed one, it is the way in which she now spends much of her time that typifies her. Beautifully graceful, with a positivity and warmth that is undeniable, Kelly shares her gardening, nutrition, and culinary expertise with the world through her iHeartRADIO show, as well as through social media with Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

Nestled in the verdant rolling hills of San Diego’s north county, Kelly’s place radiates a casual vibe that makes strangers feel comfortably at home.

Designed Interiors

Nurtured by years of formal education and enhanced by her global experiences traveling in the company of rock ‘n’ roll royalty and the best and brightest from the world of fashion, Kelly’s interiors reflect a marriage of old world charm and light, airy space. The end result is a home perfectly suited for creating intimate dinners, or hosting family get-togethers.
The great room happily shares a massive hearth with a cozy bar that beckons friends to gather to sample one of Kelly’s spectacular hand-mixed margaritas.

“Once you truly understand what is in your food and where it comes from, you might change how you eat.”

Food Made Simple with Kelly Emberg, The Model Gardener

Southern California’s weather provides plenty of sunshine for year round gardening. In her spectacular backyard, Kelly found the inspiration to launch her nationally recognized radio show, Food Made Simple.

Available online on iHeartRADIO, the weekly series is a big, delicious mix of subjects, discussions and “Food Made Simple” topics. Together with authorities, authors and subject experts, Kelly talks about organic, non-GMO gardening, shares info about meat and produce, provides excellent, healthy recipes, organic how-to’s and a wealth of healthful related topics about “simply growing, cooking and simply understanding your food”.

If you know what’s good for you, you’ll download the free iHeartRADIO app and listen! Remember, one seed can change your life!


By: Greg Root

Photos: Allen Carrasco, Kelly Emberg, Jody Lynn, Nina, and Yoshi Ohara for Genlux.com

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