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Keeping it Real w/ Karina Smirnoff

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Ever wonder how Karina achieves her flawless look? Health Beauty Life was able to sneak in a few gotta-know questions  on Karina’s beauty secrets while she was in makeup before her photo shoot for the cover of spring 2015.

Health Beauty Life: You work up quite a sweat dancing, what do you use so your makeup stays put?

Karina: Nowadays, there is advanced technology in everything including makeup. I love the Stay All Day Beauty Balm from Stila…One of the brands that I go-to the most. I can literally go to yoga, sweat for two hours and when I come out, it’s still on, it’s still working! Whether my physical activity is hiking or yoga or Pilates, I tend to not wear a lot of makeup along with lashes, even though I know lot of people who do.

Health Beauty Life: Speaking of lashes, yours are so beautiful…what’s your secret?

 Karina: My mom and dad are from Russian-Greek cultures. My mom taught me from the early days to use diluted olive oil to remove makeup, which helps the eyelashes stay moisturized and helps with the growth. Lately, I invested in a small bottle of Latisse. The bottle is this big, (thumb and index finger almost together) but it does wonders for the lashes.

Health Beauty Life: Tan? Self tan? Spray tan?

Karina: I’ll be very honest…when I was younger, I thought tanning beds were God’s gift to earth! Now, I realize the damage they can do and I would never use one, or let my children use one, when you can literally go spend 30 minutes to get a beautiful spray tan that lasts a week and doesn’t damage your skin.

But, for those who don’t want a spray tan there are over the counter products like Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs that you can put on, it doesn’t come off on your clothes, and it works. Take a shower and, “she-bang,” you’re pale again… Casper is back!

Health Beauty Life: What are your favorite makeup brands?

Karina: I love Stila and I love Tarte. I feel like they have so many choices for everyday natural makeup, event makeup and show makeup with glitter and sparkle. I also love Marc Jacobs Foundation. It’s oil-free and stays on all day.


By: Greg Root

Photos: Aaron Brown

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