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John Assaraf - Success Through Reinvention

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John Assaraf

John Assaraf is a self-made multi-millionaire, celebrity entrepreneur and international best-selling author.

Meet John Assaraf … self-made multi-millionaire, celebrity entrepreneur and international best-selling author. With books printed in over 30 languages, John was prominently featured in the hit film and book, The Secret.

John has created five multi-million-dollar companies and through a successful career in business coaching, consulting and brain research, the Assaraf family lives (very) well on a gorgeous, six-acre estate in sunny Southern California.

When not lecturing across the globe or guesting on network television shows, Assaraf indulges his passions for brain research, quantum physics, spiritual growth, health, exercise, travel, cooking, family, great food, friends and philanthropy.

His latest business venture is PraxisNow, a brain research and product development company, designed to help people free themselves from the “bondage of their past, bad habits and limited thinking,” so they can acquire the confidence, certainty and personal power to achieve their life’s goals.

We had the pleasure of a poolside discussion with John at his spectacular estate on a beautifully warm Southern California day.

Tan, trim and affable, John welcomed Patrick and the Health Beauty Life crew and quickly made everyone feel comfortable and at home. Nestled in the lush backcountry of northern San Diego County, John’s place is a mid-century showstopper. The grounds of meticulously manicured citrus groves spread across gently sloping hills, shaded by graceful palms, appointed by a sparkling pool, tennis court, and a 360-degree view of neighboring estates that seems to go on forever.

His Story

John’s path to opulence, fame and fortune is a tale that encompasses all of the elements that he teaches. To say the least, John embodies the very foundations that he champions in work, life and family. He sets goals and achieves them through a system that he has pioneered. This includes “vision boards”, tangible photos, collages, and graphics, which depict goals that enable him to see, imagine and “emotionalize” the things he sets out to accomplish, obtain and realize.

John shares a photo of his home, the very home he now owns, that he clipped from a magazine years before he ever actually saw the house. He glued the photo to a “vision board” and only discovered years later that the magnificent home where lives today, was the actual home that he envisioned owning all those years ago. He keeps that aging vision board as irrefutable proof of the power of his goal setting technique.

John’s family moved from Israel to Montreal, Canada when he was six. Struggling to master the intricacies of English and French, young John became a target for schoolyard bullies with few friends. The lower his self-esteem sank, the harder it became to learn new skills and make friends. Math and science were difficult and though he strived to succeed, his best efforts resulted in below-average grades. The more he struggled, the more frustrated and embarrassed he became, feeling that he was wasting time learning subjects he didn’t like.

At 22, John developed a chronic physical disorder known as Ulcerative Colitis, an illness that presents in a myriad of uncomfortable symptoms. Treatment included painful Sigmoidoscopies and massive amounts of medication. The condition had a profound effect on John that set him on a quest to understand the cause of his illness and to find a cure from within. He found that he was not eating well, not taking care of himself and due to all of the stress associated with his illness, was in a state of acute “dis-ease.” His research led him to find Psycho-neuro-immunology, the mind-body connective ecosystem that can lead to the ability to control health issues by changing behaviors and thinking. He learned the art of meditation, of eating well, of exercise, of reducing stress and put his body “at-ease” instead of “dis-ease.”

Within five weeks, he found that he no longer needed medication and was for all intents, cured. On his own, John had made himself well by discovering the cause of his illness rather than simply focusing on the symptoms.


As a kid, John was a misfit with a bad attitude who practically lived in the principal’s office. Looking back, he realized that the problem was the limiting beliefs he had formed in response to challenges and painful experiences he had growing up and the uncertainty and lack of confidence that resulted from those responses.

Financial Turning Point

Now healthy, John decided to change his life and got serious about his future by enrolling in a real estate course and quickly earning his Real Estate license.

Real Estate - A Turning Point

Physically fit and financially healthy, he began learning about the power within to change, the importance of setting goals and began to achieve his goals through a laser focused, single-minded approach.

A Purposeful Life

John’s purpose in life became his work, and that work allowed him to help millions of people believe in, and utilize their God-given abilities to acquire the confidence, certainty and personal power to achieve life’s goals.

He reaches millions globally via speeches, training programs, television and radio appearances, and through his bestselling books; Having it All, The Vision Board Kit and The Answer.

In short, John is a living example of all that is Health Beauty Life. Get to know John and his work by visiting: JohnAssaraf.com and PraxisNow.com



By: Greg Root

Photos: Allen Carrasco

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