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JAM Artisan’s Boutique


For a little local history and a one of a kind shopping experience, check out JAM Artisan’s Boutique on the west side of Goldwater Street in “The New Scottsdale.”

JAM_EXTERIOR It’s funny, but stepping out of your car at JAM in the Historic Charles Miller Square feels a lot like Austin, and with good reason.

JAM is the brainchild of Shauna Jean Kupetz, who developed her razor sharp design aesthetic while a college student in Austin, and whose product offerings and retail space veer strongly from the conventional with a distinctly Austin flavor. Named to honor Shauna Jean’s brothers, Jonathan and Max, JAM is a place to stock up on Scottsdale souvenirs that are designed to become lasting mementos or treasured gifts by celebrating, promoting and stocking a quirky mashup of local artisan’s work in an environment that itself, radiates a funky, artful vibe.

More than a typical boutique, JAM is a statement, a historic example of Scottsdale’s wild past, an ever-changing palette of art and gifts created by (local & beyond) artisans, and hand selected to reflect the unique homegrown vibe that is refreshingly eclectic and fun.

The space occupies the original and charming Charles Miller home.

To ensure visitors always have new and original items to browse, Shauna Jean uniquely houses a pop-up space that welcomes different specialty niche stores as on a revolving basis.

It’s a piece of vintage Scottsdale, POP-UP culture, local art and one of a kind shopping all blended together under one roof to create a “Place of Heart with a capital ART.”

Purchased by mail order from the Sears and Roebuck 1913 catalog, the rustic little house now sits smack dab in the middle of the pioneering West side of Goldwater Street in what many refer to as “The New Scottsdale.”


The fact that the home originated in 1913 is key in that JAM was founded on the notion that bringing the community together while appreciating the historic sense of place of Charles Miller Square are integral to the JAM experience.

Check it out.

6938 E 1st Street
Scottsdale, AZ 85251
(480) 522-5410

By: Greg Root
Photos: Allen Carrsaco & Courtesy of JAM

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