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Is anything sexier than a plain white T?

Rebel with a Cause

For decades famous faces like that of James Dean and brands such as Calvin Klein have made some of the most popular fashion statements, commercials and ads with one item- the plain white t-shirt. Simple clothing is appealing, it is universal and easy to get your hands on. There are fabulous quality pieces in the fashion industry that truly make a stand so it is not to say that a t-shirt is above the rest. However,  a plain solid cotton white t-shirt or tank top shows off your body, curves and most importantly illuminates your facial features. Being iconic, provocative and subtly attractive in a t-shirt is effortless.

So, it leaves us with one question at hand - is anything sexier? Well yes, YOU!

Define your Style 

What is unique about how you dress? It defines who you are. Your appearance captivates others daily, whether you think it does or not. Feeling sexy and confidant equates to your genuine individuality and personality. So whether you wear a plain t-shirt or layers of accessories- you are unique simply because you are you!

Just Be Yourself
Everyone desires to look and feel good. So whether a solid tank or an expensive blouse is something you adore, rock the look because you own it!  Admiring a celebrity or model is just the start of following a trend- but realizing your fashion sense and breaking your own barriers will take you to new heights in your daily life.



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