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Human Performance at its Best

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Ezia - Human Performance at its Best

Credits: By: Kelly Taggart
Photos: Allen Carrasco & courtesy of Ezia

EZIA Human Performance (or HP for short) is a performance training facility located in Carlsbad, California that integrates private coaching, physical therapy, chiropractic care, and nutrition services all under one amazing roof. Catering to people of all ages and fitness levels, their unique program enables their clients to successfully achieve a healthy, balanced lifestyle through a highly detailed and very individualized plan. According to Isaiah Truyman, founder of EZIA HP, his company’s mission is to impact change on society in the way we value our health and fitness in general. To Truyman and his staff, it’s a critical issue, especially in light of the overwhelming obesity rates, and they work diligently to achieve their goal one person at a time.

“Your health - It’s the most important thing in the world,” says Truyman.” We take the whole person approach to everything we do. And we know that there are different components that make up that whole person. At EZIA HP, we offer a healthy, integrated, holistic approach to yourself.” He continues, “How you look in your six-pack is important for some people, but health is about having a more positive mindset that’s geared around form following function. If you want to look great, you needed to make sure you are performing well and doing things that are challenging your body to develop, versus doing things just to look good that may not be as good for you.”

With qualified medical advisers on board, every person who comes through the doors at EZIA HP receives a full sports physical. Advisers look at various aspects of the client’s health and fitness including their nutrition, performance abilities, and biomechanics, and based on that full picture, recommendations are made on the best place to start with a customized program being established and implemented. Training is executed through ongoing coaching with several different training programs including one-on-one and small group options. Progress is carefully monitored and quantified with data showing improvements in speed, power, strength and endurance as the program moves forward. Truyman adds, “There is nothing more motivating than seeing the results of your efforts. Driving you to do more…to keep progressing. Certainly much of that is in how you feel, but seeing it on paper is like, WOW, I didn’t realize that my vertical jump increased by this much. That stuff really hits home! It drives you to do more and to keep motivated and progressing forward.”

About Isaiah Truyman

In addition to being a businessman, Isaiah Truyman is a well-respected athlete and an accredited coach and trainer. He has a proven track record when it comes to developing and managing facilities, programs and individuals, not to mention his extensive training background coaching some of the world’s top executives and professional athletes. A lifelong student of human motivation, his passion is to inspire athletes and individuals to be fit and well. Originally from New York City, Truyman had reached a personal limit in the city and longed for a year-round outdoorsy kind of lifestyle. With a median temperature of 72 degrees pretty much all year long, San Diego seemed like a logical choice, so he packed his bags and eventually settled in the northern reaches of the county. “I wanted to be surfing, running in the sun and be outdoors daily, living that lifestyle,” Truyman said. “Certainly San Diego and Southern California is a Mecca for golf, triathlon, action sports and just a healthy lifestyle in general, so I decided to relocate and start the EZIA HP brand.” Landing in the hub of the action sports capitol was no accident. Truyman set up shop very close to Transworld Media, the leading action sports publisher, and Wasserman Media Group, a sports marketing company specializing in athlete management -A wise move that has led to some very powerful alliances. “The action sports and golf communities have embraced us,” continues Truyman, “and it’s been very fruitful so far…in fact we’re expanding in new directions. And I’m having a lot of fun with it!” In addition to a current second location in the Hard Rock Hotel in downtown San Diego, the long-term plans for the brand include more hospitality expansion opportunities. Truyman is considering several east coast locations such as Nantucket, New York City and Boston. There’s also a whole suite of online tools in the works as well as a book entitled Survival of the FITTEST (-Why the American dream will beat you up and take your lunch if you don’t fight back), which is coming out soon.

The Beach-Ready Body Workout

To help you get your body beach-ready, Isaiah Truyman of EZIA Human Performance offers these easy steps to get you up, out and on your way to looking your very best. A regime you can do anywhere, including the beach, gym or at home, this workout will get your body beach-ready in no time. Any age group or ability level from beginner to advanced can do these exercises. They are designed to be quick and fun, starting simple and progressing up to something more challenging.

Step One: Warm Up

Step 1

  1. We start with a dynamic warm-up with a simple jumping jack, performing the move forward to a designated line and then backward to the original starting point. It’s best, if possible, to touch your hands over your head, and to touch your hands to your thighs on the way down.
  2. Next, following the same path to the line and back, perform a split jack. Move your feet front to back, but move your arms side to side, crossing in front and extending back as far as you can. Keep your hands parallel to the floor and really stretch the shoulders and chest.
  3. The next warm-up exercise is a fling, where feet extend wide apart and arms are raised up high but to the sides. The feet and hands cross in front and then extend back out and up and then when lowered alternate right over left and then left over right. Once again, move to the line and backward to the starting point.
  4. For mobility, the next exercise is an overhead squat. Reach straight up with your arms keeping them in a straight line, and then keeping your back in line, squat in place without collapsing your posture or leaning forward. Repeat 10 times but don’t try and go fast or drop to the bottom - It’s more about warming up your hips, shoulders and back. To do a hip stretch, get into a push-up position and then, keeping one leg straight, bring the other foot up next to your hand while bending that knee. In one motion, switch feet, keeping hips elevated and stretching deep in the hip when going from foot to foot. Repeat 10 times.

Step Two: Light Conditioning

Step 2 - 1

Step 2 - 1

The first exercise is a sprint. To prepare, pace out 25 yards and leave a marker at each end. Run down and back six times attempting and do it under a minute. This exercise works out to be about five seconds each way but anything under a minute, twenty seconds for all six laps is considered good. Don’t get discouraged on this exercise; in fact, Truyman suggests doing it with a friend to help you keep pace. It’ll also help keep you from getting disoriented about half way through.

Step 2 - 2

Step 2 - 2

For a light cardio do a 15-second incline sprint up the stairs, take a rest and repeat. You’ll want a medium speed, faster than a walk and in between a jog and a run, in fact you actually want to feel like you are in the air for a split second between each step. Go for about 10-15 seconds to spike your heart rate and then relax and do it again repeating for about five reps. It’s called interval training and the stair climb is great for working on the hamstrings and creating sexy legs.

Now that you’ve completed both the dynamic warm-up and conditioning, we move on to the strength training. We’ll do about six full body exercises once, about 10 reps each and then repeat the whole group two to three times.

Step three: Strength Training

  1. The first exercise is a single leg take-off. Stand on one leg and reach down, touch the ground. Jump up, punch your knee and drive your arms, repeating 10 times on each side. The ultimate in strength training involves pull-ups. A full pull-up involves arms straight, pulling your chin up above the bar, contracting your back and lats, while holding above the bar for a pause and then releasing. This version can be done without help or with a band attached to the bar and wrapping around one or both knees to relieve about 1/3 of your body weight.
  2. Push-ups are a great way to develop upper body strength, which is often a challenge for women. A basic version is a push-up on your knees, the medium range is a push-up on your feet and the advanced is a clap push-up.
  3. The ultimate in strength training involves pull-ups. A full pull-up involves arms straight, pulling your chin up above the bar, contracting your back and lats, while holding above the bar for a pause and then releasing. This version can be done without help or with a band attached to the bar and wrapping around one or both knees to relieve about 1/3 of your body weight.

Congratulations! You’ve just completed your first Beach-Ready Workout…Keep it up and you’ll notice amazing bikini body results in no time!

Visit: EZIA
2052 Corte Del Nogal, Suite 160
Carlsbad, CA 92011

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