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How Your Taste Buds Are Being Misled

Consumer research has confirmed that taste trumps nutrition when it comes to our food choices. …Not terribly shocking, huh? Of course we’d all prefer to eat foods that tickle out taste buds, and yes, fried dough topped with sweet frosting and sugary sprinkles is the most ticklish of all!

Something that IS shocking, or disappointing rather, is how misled our poor, unsuspecting taste buds have been…

Because of today’s abundance of processed foods, our taste buds are so accustomed to added salts, sugars, etc., that one of two things has likely happened to you:

1) Your taste buds have forgotten how unbelievably tasty whole foods naturally are, and now their flavor pales in comparison to processed foods. 
Fruits and vegetables simply taste boring to you. BUT, pretend  for a second that you’ve never eaten a doughnut (Oh, the horror!)…now imagine how sweet a freshly picked strawberry would taste if natural sugar was the only sugar your taste buds knew. Ah-ha!
2) Your taste buds never really knew the unbeatable flavor of foods in their natural states.
Maybe you thought you did grow up eating healthy foods, but really the only fruits you had came floating in syrup in an aluminum can, and your salads came from a bag full of of flavorless iceberg lettuce, 3 shreds of dried out carrot, and were topped with a fattening ranch dressing. 

If you fit into one of those categories (No shame, as many of us do!), let’s take a moment of silence, then move on…

Because of this taste deception, most people end up feeding the WANTS of their taste buds (Flavor!) instead of the NEEDS of their bodies (Nutrition!). Unfortunately, this pattern has disastrous consequences on our health (disease, loss of energy, depression, cavities, etc.).

In case you weren’t aware, it’s National Nutrition Month, and this year’s theme is “Enjoy the Taste of Eating Right,” hence this article. We wanted to help call attention to the fact that with a little effort, everyone can “enjoy the taste of eating right,” and we’re challenging you to properly introduce your taste buds to the wonderful world of natural whole foods!

It’s simple: your taste buds crave whatever you give them the most of. So the less you eat processed foods, the less you’ll crave them; and the more you eat whole foods, the more you’ll crave them. Once you begin this taste bud detox, you might even find that the processed foods you were once used to eating now taste too salty or sugary.

To give you a jump start, we’ve gathered some of our favorite healthy recipes for you to try:

Kale Recipes
Lemony Rainbow Quinoa and Grilled Salmon
Spicy Thai Peanut Noodles
Roasted Salmon & Wilted Spinach
Meal Makeovers:
Low Fat Chicken Pot Pie
Skinny French Roast with Wildflower Honey Fruit Compote
Skinny Mac & Cheese
Lunch & Snack Ideas:
Easy Work Lunches
Healthy Snacks that Fight Cravings


Have any questions about this article? Let us know below!

Good luck to you and your taste buds!

Do it for the health of your future self…


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