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How to Way to Wear Sweatpants in Public the Socially Acceptable Way

We’re just going to come right out and say it: sweatpants are acceptable to wear in public.

But before your brain starts conjuring up images you’ve seen on PeopleofWalmart.com, there is a type of sweatpant and a technique to wearing them that makes it work. Here are four ways to make your sweatpant-wearing dreams come true.

For a sweatpant to be acceptably worn in public, look for a thick band around the waist (usually with a drawstring) and at both ankles to keep them snug. The leg of the pant should be slim and tapered towards the bottom. This keeps them from looking frumpy.

When making the choice of what to wear on top, keep it slim and structured. A black leather jacket is a favorite choice of bloggers, as it adds a structured edge to an otherwise loose, comfy look.

Another great way to keep the look chic is pairing your sweatpants with heels. This instantly says “I mean business, but I want to be comfortable too.”

HELLO! Celebs are doing it, so you know it’s cool. Thank you Kate Beckinsale and Miranda Kerr for helping to make every sweatpant-loving girl’s dreams come true.

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