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How to Wear the Colored Eyeliner Trend this Spring

When 20-something women pass the colored eyeliner pencils in the drugstore, they’re usually immediately taken back to their young teens…the days when they were circling their eyes with a frosted pink Wet N Wild pencil, probably following that up with some glitter before rearranging their TLC, Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears, and Ricky Martin CDS, fantasizing about kissing Ricky and not yet knowing that would never come true for her or any other woman.

Well it’s time to create new memories, because colored eyeliner is cool again. It was all over Spring runways, from Peter Son to Honor, but our favorite bright eyed look was hands down Ellie Saab.

Ellie Saab Spring 2015 - Image Source: Harpers Bazaar/IMAXTREE

The trend has already filtered down into celeb culture, so now it’s your turn…

While Ellie Saab and Jessica Biel’s blues are certainly on trend, as is blue-anything this season, any color can do. We suggest picking a shade that will contrast thus compliment your eye color. Green eyes love purple, while hazel eyes are made greener with green, or soft with rose. Blue Eyes love coopers, golds, and other blues hues, while brown eyes look fantastic with ambers, greens, or moody blues.

The most important part of nailing the colored eyeliner trend without looking like a clown is balance. Always keep the rest of the look simple by going easy on the blush and lipstick. Opt for neutral lips and a swipe of blush so light it’s nearly undetectable.

…any lash line will do. You can opt for the top only, the bottom only like Jessica Biel, or all the way around like Ellie Saab, so long as you keep the color nestled into the lash line.

Feeling super bold? Go for a graphic look with just a flash of color like at Peter Som (below), or go even bolder with a strip of fabric, like Dior’s mirror stickers.

Peter Som Spring 2015 - Image Source: Harpers Bazaar/IMAXTREE

Don’t want to spring for a liner? Take advantage of the versatility of shadow. You can’t only make custom lipgloss out of eyeshadow, you can use it as a liner, too. Get your eyeliner brush wet and dip into your shadow for a cream shadow - a highly pigmented formula works best for this.




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