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How to Wear an Oversized Sweater Without Looking Frumpy

If you’re unable to hibernate under mounds of blankets during the cold winter months (because of pesky things like a job or a social life), the next best thing is to be wearing a big, cozy sweater. Aside from just keeping you toasty warm, they help camouflage hangovers, large meals (not that YOU ever overindulge), and just your general lack of lust for life when it’s cold outside. The downside? Oversized sweaters can sometimes leave you feeling less than chic. But don’t give up on them just yet…

Here are 6 ways to wear an oversized sweater without looking frumpy.

Over Skinny Jeans
Keeping the bottom half of this outfit slim and fitted is the #1 key to balancing out an oversized top.

Over Leather Leggings
Leather leggings give a sophisticated edge to a otherwise soft, cozy outfit.

With a Statement Necklace
A large statement necklace adds visual interest, and helps dress up a casual sweater.

Tuck the front of the sweater into a pair of destroyed boyfriend jeans for a relaxed-yet-sexy weekend style.

Over a Dress
If you’re lucky enough to live in a warmer area, throw an oversized sweater on over a dress to look like the ultimate cool-girl.

As a Dress
Forget pants all together, à la Selena Gomez. If your sweater is long enough, it can double as a dress.

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