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Brimming with Style

Looking for a few fun accessory ideas to top off your style? Reveal your playful side by pairing a trendy hat with a stylish ‘do.

Not sure what to do with your tousled length? Top it with a fun bowler hat. Or sweep your length to one side, create a classic-but-pulled apart three-strand braid, and finish with a trendy ranger hat. If bold curls are more your thing, top off with a beanie or side-sitting baseball cap.

Top smooth roots and curly ends with a fun headband beanie, a pushed back ranger hat, or pair a white beanie with long and loose fishtail braids. Consider endless style options with an infinity scarf: Finalize a loosely tousled style or precise topknot with this cozy scarf, or pull it up and wear the accessory like a hoody to keep flowing tresses tamed.

The accessory + hair style possibilities are endless. We’re dying to know if you’ve run across any perfect hat/hair combos, so share with us below!

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